The Florida Bar

Judicial Practice Survey

Kathleen Mary Williams

District Judge

The following information was provided in response to a survey prepared by the Federal Court Practice Committee of The Florida Bar. This information is not binding on any judge or court official and may not be relied upon for precedential purposes. Further information may be found in the attachments (sample orders, etc.) referenced at the end of this Guide entry or on the court's website noted below.


Name of Court:

Southern District of Florida

Location of Chambers:

400 North Miami Avenue

Assigned Courtroom:

Room 11-3



Chambers Staff

Courtroom Deputy:

Michael Santorufo

Court Reporter:

Patricia Sanders

Law Clerk phone number(s), only if you permit law clerk(s) to receive calls:

Jessica M. Wilkins; Diego Perez Ara; Sogol Ghomeshi: 305-523-5540


Court Practices and Procedures - Williams - Civil.pdf

Revised: 07-25-2019