The Florida Bar

Judicial Practice Survey

Lisette Marie Reid

Magistrate Judge

The following information was provided in response to a survey prepared by the Federal Court Practice Committee of The Florida Bar. This information is not binding on any judge or court official and may not be relied upon for precedential purposes. Further information may be found in the attachments (sample orders, etc.) referenced at the end of this Guide entry or on the court's website noted below.


Name of Court:

Southern District of Florida

Location of Chambers:

C. Clyde Atkins U.S. Courthouse, 301 N. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33128

Assigned Courtroom:

Courtroom 3



Chambers Staff



Use of Cell Phones, Laptops, and Other Electronics in Court

Other than procedures adopted by the U.S. Marshal's Service relating to access to a federal courthouse, do you have any additional procedures to be followed for the use of cell phones, laptops, or other electronics?


Is there a designated court staff person to contact relating to the use of electronic media or other audiovisual needs?

Courtroom Deputy

Always verify with the Clerk of Court or the U.S. Marshal's Service as to any procedures relating to the use of cell phones or other electronic devices at the courthouse.

Pretrial Detention/Pretrial Procedure (Criminal)

At bond hearings, do you permit the government to proceed by proffer or do you require a government agent to be present to testify?


Pretrial Procedure (Civil)

Should copies of published cases cited in motions and memoranda be forwarded to chambers?


Should copies of unpublished opinions cited in motions and memoranda be forwarded to chambers?


If copies of cases are submitted, do you accept copies that have portions highlighted by counsel?


Do you regularly set aside time during a given week/month for hearings on motions?


If YES, when is your normal hearing date/time?

In the Court's discretion, or upon a motion demonstrating good cause.


If YES, what types of cases and what are the deadlines or procedures?

The Court will issue a discovery order instructing the parties as necessary.


What is your preference regarding the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation?

Mediation is required in all civil cases brought pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1983.

General Advice

What should lawyers avoid at all costs when appearing before you (other than the obvious: don't be late, do be courteous, etc.), i.e., do you have any "pet peeves"?

Attorneys must consult and comply with Orders and Court Rules. Do NOT wait until one month before discovery cutoff before commencing discovery. Lack of diligence does not constitute good cause for extension of discovery cutoff. In discovery matters, attorneys' failure to communicate usually causes the most problems. Do not certify attempt at conferring with opposing counsel without personally talking with counsel. Emailed requests for conference, with no response, usually are not enough to certify compliance with the Rule. If you take the time to file motions or brief matters for the Court, make sure you reasonably research the issues and cite the relevant cases. Most importantly be courteous to each other.

Revised: 07-21-2020