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Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) Applications

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Judicial Nominating Commission Applications

Application for Nomination to a Judicial Seat

Visit the Florida Governor’s Judicial Nominations webpage to download an application for judicial vacancies.

Check the JNC News Releases or The Florida Bar News for current announcements of judicial openings and deadlines. The judicial application is to be used in filling judicial vacancies through the judicial nominating process.

Any questions about the application itself or submission requirements should be directed to the chair of the respective Judicial Nominating Commission.

If you have general questions about the judicial nomination process, contact Joni Hooks at (850) 561-5662.

Application for Appointment to Serve on a Judicial Nominating Commission

If you have questions about your application for appointment to serve on a Judicial Nominating Commission, please contact Kristen Wilson at (850) 561-5757.

Other Applications

  • Application for Nomination to Capital Collateral Regional Counsel: PDF / Word
  • Application for Nomination for Judge of Compensation Claims: PDF / Word
  • Application for Statewide Prosecutor: PDF / Word
  • Application for Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel: PDF / Word