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November 15, 2013
Justice Teaching

JUDGE JOHN PHILLIPS AND ATTORNEY SHERI HAZELTINE brought the Justice Teaching program to Regina Brodsky’s Royal Palm School class in Lantana in Palm Beach County in September to present “Carnac’s History Lesson: How We Got a Constitution and Why.” Judge Phillips researched content and photos and wrote the script for the presentation and Hazeltine assisted by putting the program into a Powerpoint presentation. At the end of the presentation, Judge Phillips put on his “Carnac” hat and played the famous Johnny Carson character where he gave the students answers and the students were asked to pick the questions. Brodsky helped by putting the question-and-answer session into a format that allowed the children to make selections on the screen in order to choose the correct answer. The school has a population of the most developmentally disabled children in Palm Beach County and all in the class need wheelchairs for mobility and assistive communication devices.

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