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August 15, 2014
Yanae BarrosoNOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Law Center graduate Yanae Barroso received The Florida Bar Animal Law Committee’s 2014 Outstanding Service Award. Barroso was selected because of her work on behalf of the endangered Florida Key Deer. A summary of her research and findings, which were published in the Animal Law Committee’s newsletter, led to an increased awareness of the problems facing the Key Deer. After reading about Barroso’s efforts, U.S. Congressman Joe Garcia, D-FL, (whose district includes the Keys) assisted Barroso in developing Key Deer awareness signage and billboards, which were placed in various locations along Highway U.S. 1 leading into the Keys. Section member Gil Panzer of Boca Raton also was presented with an Animal Law Committee Outstanding Service Award for his work in developing and participating in a number of the committee’s projects over the years, including its ongoing effort to achieve section status.

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