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November 15, 2013
Proposed board action

Pursuant to Standing Board Policy 1.60, the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar publishes this notice of intent to consider the following item at its December 13, 2013 meeting in Fort Lauderdale. This is governed by Rule 1-12.1, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. If approved by the board, this amendment must still be formally filed with the Supreme Court of Florida, with further notice and opportunity to be heard, before it is officially approved and becomes effective. Additionally, non-substantive edits to conform to the Supreme Court style guide are not noted in the summary. To receive a full copy of the text of any of this proposed amendment, email or call Janellen Green at (850) 561-5751. Reference any requested proposal by its title or item number and date of this publication.


Chapter 1 General


Adds program evaluation committee chair to the list of members who comprise the executive committee of the board of governors.

[Revised: 08-19-2015]