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August 15, 2014

Annette Boyd Pitts, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Justice Fred Lewis
SUPREME COURT JUSTICE FRED LEWIS, right, and Annette Boyd Pitts, left, executive director of the Florida Law Related Education Association, received the Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education. “Fred Lewis has become internationally known for his lifetime of work educating the general public about the importance of the rule of law and our independent judiciary,” said Chief Justice Jorge Labarga. “Receiving this award is well-deserved recognition for the vital role he has played with the help of Annette Pitts.” Retired Justice O’Connor, center, presented the award given by the National Center for State Courts at the annual meeting in West Virginia of the Conference of Chief Justices and Conference of State Court Administrators. Justice Lewis created Justice Teaching when he became Florida’s chief justice in 2006. Since then, he and Pitts have trained more than 4,000 lawyers and judges to teach civics in Florida schools.

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