The Florida Bar

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The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar were last updated June 1, 2014.

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The Supreme Court of Florida by these rules establishes the authority and responsibilities of The Florida Bar, an official arm of the court.

1 General
2 Bylaws Of The Florida Bar
2-1 Seal, Emblems, And Symbols
2-2 Membership
2-3 Board Of Governors
2-4 Officers
2-5 Meetings
2-6 Fiscal Management
2-6.1 Expenditures
2-6.2 Fiscal Year
2-6.3 Annual Budget
2-6.4 Budget Committee
2-6.5 Notice Of Budget Committee Hearings
2-6.6 Tentative Budget Of Budget Committee
2-6.7 Proposed Budget Of Board Of Governors
2-6.8 Membership Fees
2-6.9 Notice Of Board Of Governors Hearing Upon Proposed Budget
2-6.10 Hearing And Adoption Of Budget By Board Of Governors
2-6.11 Filing Of Budget With The Supreme Court Of Florida
2-6.12 Amendment Of The Budget
2-6.13 Appropriations Of The Budget
2-6.14 Disbursements
2-6.15 Continuation Of Funding
2-6.16 Accounting And Audit
2-7 Sections And Divisions
2-8 Committees
2-9 Policies And Rules
2-10 Amendments
3 Rules Of Discipline
4 Rules Of Professional Conduct
5 Rules Regulating Trust Accounts
6 Legal Specialization And Education Programs
7 Clients' Security Fund Rules
8 Lawyer Referral Rule
9 Legal Services Plans Rules And Regulations
10 Rules Governing The Investigation And Prosecution Of The Unlicensed Practice Of Law
11 Rules Governing The Law School Practice Program
12 Emeritus Attorneys Pro Bono Participation Program
13 Authorized Legal Aid Practitioners Rule
14 Grievance Mediation And Fee Arbitration
15 Review Of Lawyer Advertisements And Solicitations
16 Foreign Legal Consultancy Rule
17 Authorized House Counsel Rule
18 Military Legal Assistance Counsel Rule
19 Center For Professionalism
20 Florida Registered Paralegal Program

[Revised: 04-27-2017]