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A Parable (or Two) About Quality Service
ABA Leadership Forum: Summit on the Profession
Ask Clients What They Want Before You Set Your Fee
Avoiding the Wake Up Call
Client Perceptions of Litigation-What Counts: Process or Results?
Client Relations Key to Improving Lawyer Image
Communicating with Your Client
Confronting the Communication Crisis in the Legal Profession
Develop Your Bedside Manner
Do Your Clients Receive Enough Attention?
Duty to The Client: The Need For Perspective and Balance
Enhancing Prospects Through Prospecting
Entrepreneurial Lawyers Coach Clients to Represent Themselves
Frequent Flyer
Headaches to Avoid
Just Whose Case Is It Anyway?
Keep the Client Satisfied
Lawyer Accused of Sex with Clients
Lawyers and Legal Consciousness: Law Talk in the Divorce Lawyer's Office
Lawyers Have No Obligation to Serve Evil
Long After the Price is Forgotten
Must You Be the Devil's Advocate?
Not So Well Kept Secrets
Partisanship, Betrayal and Autonomy in the Lawyer-Client Relationship
Playing a Game of Hot Potato: Picking and Choosing Clients Poses Ethical Dilemma for Firms
Professionalism: Should There Be Limits on Lawyer Zeal?
Re-evaluating Expectations in the Attorney-Client Relationship
Shop Extensively Before You Hire a Lawyer
Sine Qua Non
So Where Was Judge Stanley Sporkin?
Stress Test
Take the Client You Have and Multiply Your Profits
The Heart of the Matter
The high cost of disclosure
The Lawyer's Role and Responsibility


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