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Advertising Regulation and Information

Advertising Rules

To view the advertising rules, please click on the link, click on Chapter 4 Rules of Professional Conduct, then click on any of rules 4-7.11 through 4-7.22 in the bookmarks of the pdf: Lawyer advertising rules – Subchapter 4-7 Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

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Handbook on Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation

The Handbook on Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation, published by the Standing Committee on Advertising, is a handy reference that gives general information on lawyer advertising, how to file advertisements with The Florida Bar, current rules regarding advertising and sample ads for reference.  The handbook was updated August 16, 2023 and includes the most recent amendments to the lawyer advertising rules.

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Sample Advertisements

To view sample complying and noncomplying advertisements, please download the sample advertisements.

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Advertising Filing Requirements

Lawyer Advertising Filing Requirements

Board of Governors Policy on Review of Advertisements

On March 28, 2014, the Board of Governors adopted a new policy interpreting Rule 4-7.19 regarding filing and review of lawyer advertisements, effective July 1, 2014:

Any change of any kind to an advertisement renders the advertisement a new advertisement with a new filing fee of $150 per timely filed advertisement and $250 per untimely filed advertisement. The only exception is a revision to an existing advertisement that is solely to comply with a bar opinion that the advertisement does not comply with the lawyer advertising rules, for which no additional fee will be charged. Any change includes, but is not limited to, any change to wording, illustrations, photographs, typographical marks, layout, or color scheme.

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Cover Sheets

To assist Florida Bar members in filing their advertisements for review, these cover sheets address many of the common omissions and questions in filing advertisements. You are not required to file the cover sheet with your advertisement, but use of the cover sheets often helps expedite the review process. For your convenience, these forms are available in 2 formats: one you can print and fill out, the other you can fill in and save the completed form in your own system.

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The quick reference checklists are intended to assist in developing advertisements that comply with the lawyer advertising rules. They are not a substitute for filing the advertisement as required by Rule 4-7.19. Furthermore, even if all the questions are answered NO, it does not mean a particular advertisement complies with the lawyer advertising rules.

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Qualifying Providers/Lawyer Referral Services

Qualifying providers include lawyer referral services, matching services, group or pooled advertising programs, directories, or tips or leads generators.  Lawyers may participate only when a qualifying provider is in compliance with Rule 4-7.22.

Read More About Qualifying Providers

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