The Florida Bar

Ethics Opinion

Opinion 63-17

September 17, 1963
Advisory ethics opinions are not binding.
Opinion denied on questions concerning terms and conditions of suspension from the practice of
law, as the Committee has no jurisdiction to interpret the order of the Supreme Court. A
suspended member of the Bar should not permit his name as an attorney to appear in any
Vice-Chairman Smith stated the opinion of the committee:
It is the formal opinion of the Committee that the terms and conditions of the suspension
of a member of The Florida Bar are subject only to the interpretation of the Supreme Court and
that this Committee has no jurisdiction to interpret the Court’s order.
The Committee also feels the inquirer should not give consent for his name to appear in
any directory, law list or telephone book as an attorney. His current status, it is felt, is that of an
attorney admitted to practice in the State of Florida, but not practicing at this time.