The Florida Bar

Ethics Opinion

Opinion 68-9

April 4, 1968
Advisory ethics opinions are not binding.
It would be improper for a lawyer to display in his offices both an LL.B. diploma and a J.D.
diploma if the latter was granted as a substitution for the LL.B. diploma.


Chairman MacDonald stated the opinion of the committee:
A member of The Florida Bar asks the following question:
Is it unethical for a member of The Florida Bar to display an LL.B. diploma
and a J.D. diploma in his offices when the institution granting the degrees did so
on the basis of substituting the J.D. diploma for the LL.B. degree diploma?
It is our understanding that the institution in question does not require the return of the
diploma evidencing the award of the Bachelor of Laws degree before issuing the diploma
evidencing the Juris Doctor degree.
It is our opinion that it would be a violation of Canon 27 for the lawyer publicly to
display in his offices both diplomas, not only because the second diploma presumably was issued
to replace the first one, but more particularly because it would tend to give a false impression
that in fact the attorney had been awarded both degrees.