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Morning in America

March 28, 2024

By Richard M. Georges

In the blackness of the early morning
I struggle to see a path
from my bed
to the next room.
I look for coffee
and a companion.
She isn’t there anymore.
I am alone
and wondering where to go next.
I shuffle on tired feet.
I put one foot forward,
and then the next.
I try to remember to look for obstacles
in the dark.
How long before I reach
the light switch?
How many steps?
When would this sadness end?
How many days must I suffer,
looking in the dark
for a light switch,
that always seems so far away?
How many times will I stumble
over a dog’s toy,
or a leftover shoe?
I hope I find the light
before the blackness covers me,
and I find myself in a box,
from which
I can’t escape.

Copyright ©2023 Richard M. Georges

About the Author

Richard M. “Rick” Georges is a solo law practitioner in St. Petersburg and a published poet. He has authored the “FutureLawyer” column in various publications, has taught law office management and computer-assisted legal research at the college and law school level and has taught poetry at the college level. His book Life is Simple, Really – Poems about Life, Loving, Fun, and Family, reflects his belief that those things are more important than anything we do in our professional lives.