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2016 Advanced Topics in Administrative, Environmental and Government Law
8:30 a.m. - 8:40 a.m. Introduction Jowanna N. Oates, Chief Attorney, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Ralph Demeo, Shareholder, Hopping Green & Sams Russell Kent, Special Counsel for Litigation, Attorney General’s Office 8:40 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. State and Federal Constitutional Claims Sidney Ansbacher Partner, Upchurch Bailey and Upchurch 9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. Bid Protests Brian A. Newman Shareholder, Pennigton, P.A. 10:20 a.m. – 10:35 a.m. Break 10:35 a.m. -11:25 a.m. Hot topics in State APA/Rulemaking Kenneth J. Plante Executive Director, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Jowanna N. Oates Chief Attorney, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee 11:25 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Federal Administrative Rulemaking Mark Seidenfeld Patricia A, Dore Professor, Florida State University Law School 12:15 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Lunch 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. Appellate Review Hon. Kent Wetherell Judge, First District Court of Appeal 2:15 p.m. – 3:10 p.m. §1983 Ralph DeMeo Shareholder, Hopping Green & Sams 3:10 p.m. – 3:25 p.m. Break 3:25p.m. – 4:15 Agency Rule Challenges Hon. John Van Laningham Administrative Law Judge, Division of Administrative Hearings 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Communications with Represented Persons (Tobin and Bar Rule 4-4.2) Russell Kent Special Counsel for Litigation, Attorney General’s Office Dan Gelber Partner, Gelber Schachter & Greenberg Fred R. Dudley (Moderator) Partner, Dudley, Sellers and Healey, P.L.
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Basic Personal Injury 2015
A basic introduction to Personal Injury law intended for the new lawyer or for lawyers new to the practice. Topics to include causes and action, case evaluations, initial investigation, discovery, trial preparation, trial of personal injury case, and post-trial motions and appeals.
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The Florida Bar Administrative Law Section Public Utilities Law Committee in cooperation with the Florida Chapter of the Federal Communications Bar Association present Solving the Puzzles: Updates on Net Neutrality, Public Records, Negotiated Rules, and Cyber Security
This Program Explores Issues Affecting Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Utility Regulation. The Focus is on Net Neutrality and the Federal re-regulation of telecommunications, Public Records, and Cybersecurity. In addition, the Program Considers a Novel and Successful Negotiated Rulemaking at the Department of Health, that Could Be Useful in Other State Agencies.
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State Agencies and the Legislature A State Attorney's Office and Legislative Perspective
This one credit-hour webinar is designed to cover the relationship between an agency and the Florida Legislature. While specifically from a state attorney’s office perspective, topics pertain to legislative processes and issues that affect all state agencies.
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Audio Webcast: Cyber and Data Risks Breaches and Insurance What You and Your Clients Don’t Know Will Hurt You!
Do you not know the difference between a cyber and a data breach, or the differences between an “incident” and a “reported breach”? Do you not know that Florida has one of the nation’s most stringent incident reporting laws, or what that law’s requirements are and how they WILL affect you, your law firm, and your clients? Or think your average E&O or CGL insurance policies will protect you or your clients? Then, YOU NEED TO ATTEND the RPPTL’s “Cyber and Data Risks, Breaches, and Insurance” Presentation. Since the number of cyber and data security incidents and the number of reported data breaches have swelled in recent years, it is only a matter of when, not if, a data breach will happen to you, your client, or your firm, whether you be large or small and no matter the industry sector. This CLE Presentation will cover the latest breach trends that are occurring in several industries; some of the best practices and strategies for preparing for, and responding to, cyber and data breaches; the latest Florida breach and incident reporting and response laws; the growing insurance policies that are recommended and often necessary to protect your clients and your practice from excessive liability of cyber and data breaches; and the ethical duties and responsibilities an attorney has to his clients to protect and advise them of the emerging risks of cyber and data breaches and their resulting liability.
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International Tax Boot Camp
Looking for a beginner level summary of international inbound and outbound taxation? We are pleased to announce the International Tax Boot Camp, which will take place on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. The International Tax Boot Camp will also provide an introduction to the topics that will be discussed during our two-day International Tax Conference.
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Chronology of a Failed Project

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Practicing Before the Legislature
This seminar is open to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. This program is designed to assist anyone who wants to learn about the legislative process and access legislative information. This course will provide information that will be useful to anyone who has ever needed to locate pending legislation, appropriations, and present to committees and other procedures dealing with the legislative process and passage of bills.
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Public Interest Law Section 2015 Webinar Series
The Public Interest Law section introduces its first three part webinar series providing Florida practitioners a 50 minute in-depth presentation on important topics in public interest law: an exhaustive look at civil indigency affidavits , restoration of civil rights, and hot topics in veterans benefits law
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Same-Sex Marriage and Estate Planning: Nope It's Not Over Yet!

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Guardianship Power of Attorney and Advance Directives Legislative Update
Over the last two sessions, the Florida Legislature has significantly overhauled our statutes in the areas of guardianship administration and litigation, powers of attorney, and advance directives. The new legislation impacts virtually every area of guardianship and elder law practice. Are you up to date on these legislative changes? This hour-long webinar, presented by the current chair of the Guardianship, Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives Committee of the RPPTL Section, will cover all of the significant legislative changes to Florida law governing guardianships, powers of attorney and advance directives.
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CD ONLY - Easements: Variations Scope and Insurability
A practical discussion on the creation and use of easements in the different situations your clients find themselves in.
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Guardianships in Florida: Adventures in Wonderland
Don’t miss the (First) Annual Guardianship Symposium, on March 11, 2016, at Barry University in Orlando, Florida. This seminar will provide a unique opportunity for guardianship and elder law lawyers, as well as Professional Guardians and paralegals, to review and discuss the recent overhaul to the guardianship statutes in 2014 and 2015 including the effect of the new laws from both a litigation and administration perspective. There will also be speakers and panel discussions covering important topics such as new guardianship reporting requirements, enhanced liabilities, ethics, best practices, and examining committees. Register now… Don’t Be Late (for this Very Important Date!)
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New, Different, Unusual & Uncertain - Environmental Law Issues Facing All Floridians

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New, Different, Unusual & Uncertain - Land Use Law Issues Facing All Floridians

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35th Annual Attorney Trust Officer Liaison Conference

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Ps and Qs of Marketing an Entertainment and IP Law Practice Online
Marketing a law practice online is a great opportunity to reach out to new clients, but also comes with its own set of rules, especially for an entertainment and intellectual property law practice. This panel will examine advertising rules and ethical requirements of marketing a practice on social networks, and provide attendees with best practices for complying with them while effectively using them for your practice.
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The Care and Feeding of Disparaging and Scandalous Trademarks
From the Washington Redskins to the Slants, recent years have brought some interesting instances of scandalous and disparaging trademarks. While some are able to be registered with the USPTO, others are not. This panel will address strategies for registering scandalous and disparaging marks, as well as provide an update on recent cases involving such marks.
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Best Practices for Avoiding On-Set Shenanigans in Film and Television
The tragic death of a camera operator on the set of the film ‘Midnight Rider’ has shined a spotlight once again on the need for on-set safety for the cast and crew of film and television projects. This program will address contractual, as well as practical, means of preventing on-set shenanigans for film and television clients.
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Advanced Medical Malpractice 2016
This advanced seminar will address recent changes in the law of medical malpractice. The format will be interactive with an attempt to present the plaintiff and defense perspectives in dealing with current legal issues that confront the attorney handling medical negligence cases.
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Earn CLE credit while sitting at your desk. You may pay a reduced price for the AUDIO CD of the 2015 - 2016 Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section Audio Webcast Series, which will cover Hot Topics for the EASL Lawyer:  Litigating a "Revenge Post" Case Immigration Issues and the International Client.
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Relevant Issues for a Consumer Protection Practice Public Interest Law Section Webinar Series
Relevant Issues for a Consumer Protection Practice
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How to Gain Competitive Advantages & Clients For the Modern Ethical Law Practice

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Don't Get Cut by the Cutting Edge: Navigating Legal Ethics in Entertainment and
Join EASL for 2.0 hours of ethics credit in entertainment and sports law at The Florida Bar Winter Meeting
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2016 Masters Seminar on Ethics: Representing Clients With Diminished Capacity

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Animal Law in Florida 2016

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Environmental and Land Use Section June Program

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Electronic Discovery Privacy and Security: Pre-Discovery Through Trial
This CLE will address the convergence of issues surrounding electronically stored information (ESI). The proliferation of existing and newly introduced devices and services that generate and store ESI (computers, laptops, cloud services, social media, the “Internet of Things”) present attorneys with new competency challenges in pre-litigation preservation as well as electronic discovery practice in both state and federal court. These new technologies also introduce enhanced ethical requirements on attorneys. The panels will discuss ethical and practical implications arising from emerging technologies, and provide: A discussion of the 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (together with a comparison with Florida’s RCP), an introduction to emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things and Social Media, a Mock ESI Authentication and Admissibility hearing before a federal and state court judge, and a judges roundtable case law discussion and wrap up.
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The 50 Years of Miranda
Please come to see and hear Robert A. Jensen, Esq., THE attorney who drafted the writ of certiorari for Ernesto Miranda in what became the landmark Miranda v. Arizona decision. Mr. Jensen will provide us with a rare glimpse into how his firm was selected, what his firm thought of the selection, and the background involving the writ, including its drafting and presentation to the Supreme Court of the United States. Some of these stories have never been heard before and should educate all lawyers on how the Supreme Court process works in surprising ways. In addition, we will have insight from the attorney who argued before the U.S. Supreme Court the case of Florida vs Powell, sometimes referred to as the second Miranda, Joseph W. Jacquot, Esq.
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Confidentiality and Privilege in Mediation: Getting Back to the Basics Arbitration A to Z

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Emotional Support Animals
The speakers will discuss State, Federal, and local laws and recent cases relating to the accommodation of emotional support animals. Specific topics will include the rights and obligations of housing providers, including condominiums and homeowners associations and the insurance carriers of these entities, as well as the rights and obligations of persons asserting the right to have an emotional support animal.
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2016 Practicing Before the Supreme Court
The lessons learned from attending this unique CLE program, sponsored by the Appellate Practice Section and the Government Lawyer Section, can be applied to any judicial process. It is a full-day event held at Florida’s Supreme Court building which provides the opportunity for you to interact with the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court. This seminar will begin with an observation of an oral argument, followed by a discussion of the arguing attorneys involved in the case. The Justices will join the seminar for a question and answer discussion concerning the practice before the Court. Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration and the seminar will include sessions on oral arguments, ethical responsibilities, jurisdictional briefs, merits briefs and amicus briefs. APPELLATE
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International Protection of Intellectual Property
This seminar will cover; patents; trademarks; copyrights and cyber security.
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CD ONLY: 9th Annual Construction Law Institute

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Show Me the Money: A Review of Attorney's Fee Under s. 736.0802 (10) And 733.106

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Managing Your Online Reputation Ethically & Professionally

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The Modern Law Firm & The Power of Automation

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What's New in Florida Legal Ethics

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Essential Updates and Wealth Protection Building Blocks'
The Florida Bar Tax Section Annual Wealth Protection Conference for 2016. An intense course in building a successful wealth protection practice. This is an Intermediate course with full planning materials.
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Representing A Buyer of a Unit in a Vertical Mixed Use Project: Is Your Client Just Buying Air? Part II

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36th Annual RPPTL Legislative & Case Law Update Seminar

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Practicing with Professionalism Fall 2016
A one day seminar providing a broad overview of ethical and professional issues designed for new lawyers in fulfillment of phase 1 of the Basic Skills Course Requirement. The Florida Supreme Court in The Florida Bar Re: Amendment to Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Rule 6-12 (Basic Skills Course Requirement, 524 So. 2d 634 (Fla. 1988), made Practicing with Professionalism, mandatory for attorneys admitted to The Florida Bar after October 1, 1988. Effective on May 12, 2005, the Supreme Court of Florida amended Rule 6-12.3 and Rule 6-12.4. These amended rules state that in addition to attending Practicing with Professionalism, new admittees must attend three "basic" level substantive continuing legal education programs presented by the YLD. The Basic Skills Course Requirement must be completed within the initial 3-year continuing legal education cycle after admission to The Florida Bar or within 2 years after the expiration of any exempt status. The Practicing with Professionalism requirement must be met within the first year of admission to The Florida Bar or one year prior to being admitted to The Florida Bar. Out-of-State Practitioners, Military lawyers and Governmental lawyers may be exempt from the Basic Skills Course Requirement and should refer to Rule 6-12.4 to determine eligibility for an exemption
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As the World Turns: Everyone has An Opinion, But Which One is Right?
This course covers the right and wrong legal opinions you should be giving in real estate transactions, including title insurance considerations.
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Procedural Application of Miles
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Ethics and Professionalism-A View from the Bench
This one hour seminar will address several issues of great interest to workers compensation practitioners from around the state. Topics will include the handling of attorneys' fees from the perspective of both claimant and defense attorney's pursuant to the Castellanos decision, practice under the 60 - Q Rules, and other trending issues of importance to attorney's in this ever - changing field of practice.
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8th Annual FUNdamentals: The Legal Implications of the "Internet of Things"
Back by popular demand and certainly to be a sell-out, this annual don’t-miss FUNdamentals of Florida healthcare law CLE program focuses this year on the legal implications of the “Internet of Things”. This lively and fast-paced program features one hour of legal ethics credit and is designed to be immediately useful to attorneys, medical professionals and healthcare consultants needing to better understand the issues and problems created by the ever-expanding use of connected devices in the delivery and documentation of health care services. Morning and afternoon sessions will be followed by interactive panel discussions among faculty and both on-site and internet attendees. Comprehensive program materials will be provided. Questions will be welcome from on-site attendees and those participating by internet.
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Representing A Buyer of a Unit in a Vertical Mixed Use Project: Is Your Client Just Buying Air? Part I

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Hot Topics in Employment Law
Keep abreast of recent developments in labor and employment law by attending this one–day seminar that offers something for every L & E practitioner. Learn what these changes mean for you and for your client—whether that client is a plaintiff or defendant, an employer or employee, a leave giver or taker, a corporation or a whistleblower. Speakers from the private, corporate, and government sectors will cover new trends and hot topics. There will even be a lunch time presentation on using the latest video technology to market your practice.
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Court Appointed Receivers Over Real Property Planning for and Navigating the Worst Case Scenario

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42nd Annual Public Employment Labor Relations Forum
This seminar includes public relations commission; title VII and the Florida Civil Rights Act; collective bargaining update; employee vs independent contractor; police and firefighter investigations; FRS and pension update; ethics in union formation and collective bargaining; federal 11th circuit and Florida public sector update; arbitration and mediation and special magistrate overview and update.
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End of Year Review of Asset Protection and Estate Planning Opportunities

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Annual Ethics Update 2016
This seminar will cover update on personal and professional pitfalls; what Florida lawyers need to know about UPL with non-lawyers; the power of professionalism and ethics of e-discovery
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Health Care Regulatory & Compliance
This seminar is meant to provide Florida lawyers and compliance officers a great overview of health care regulatory and compliance issues impacting a range of providers. Health Care Executives, Risk Managers and Privacy Officers will benefit as well The areas that will be covered range from federal and state fraud and abuse provisions, Ethics, HIPAA, HITECH and the Florida Information Protection Act. The seminar will also cover Florida facility licensure surveys as well as current trends with physical compensation.
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Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section Fall 2016 Audio Webcast Series (2256R)
Join the EASL section for its Fall 2016 audio webcast series, which has been awarded 2.0 hours of ethics credit and 2 hours of technology credit. Topics include data breach litigation and educating your client on the legal and ethical pitfalls of social media. Click this link for the live programs or order the complete audio CD.
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Probate Law 2016 Seminar

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Bankruptcy Law & Practice: View from the Bench 2016

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Criminal Law Update 2016
This course covers topics important to the criminal practitioner. The topics include the latest criminal cases in Florida, important constitutional decisions from the Supreme Court, competency, insanity, and mental health issues, collateral consequences of criminal convictions for professional license holders, ethical issues facing the state criminal practitioner, defense lawyer or prosecutor, ethical challenges of joint representation, and landmines in jury instructions. The program is designed primarily for the attorney practicing in state criminal court and is taught by some of the leading criminal law practitioners in the field as well as an appellate judge from the Second DCA and a Circuit Court Judge.
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2016 Case Law Update: Stay up to Date and Learn about Recent Developments and Notable Decisions in Family Law that Will Impact Your Practice

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Water Intrusion/Construction Defect Claims
This seminar is intended to educate construction and real estate lawyers in evaluating and handling defective claims involving water intrusion. Suggestions on which parties to name, what forum the claim should be filed in, and how to handle insurance issues will be included.
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17th Labor and Employment Law Annual Update and Certification Review (2275R)

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Representing the Physician: It is Harder Than It Looks

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The Florida Bar Tech Show: Riding the Technology Wave

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Annual Civil Trial Update and Board Certification Review - 2017
This course is designed for two audiences: those who are preparing to take the Board Certification exam for civil trial or business litigation and those who want a refresher course and update on civil litigation and trial practice. Printed course books will be provided to all in-person attendees upon check-in. Continuing Judicial Education credit pending.
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2017 Advanced Construction Law Certification Review Course

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Basic Appellate Practice 2016
A basic overview of appellate law intended for the new lawyer or lawyer new to the practice area. This is a full-day seminar with topics to include an introduction to appellate practice, what is appealable, federal appeals, criminal appeals, brief writing, and oral argument.
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2016 PAT DORE CONFERENCE "Hail to the APA!"
The Administrative Law Section of the Florida Bar is pleased to announce that it will host the 2016 Pat Dore Conference on October 7, 2016, at the Hotel Duval, Tallahassee, Florida. The Pat Dore Conference is named after Professor Pat Dore, uniformly recognized as the “Mother of the APA” in Florida. It is our section’s showcase event and is held on a biennial basis. This year our program features some timely, cutting-edge topics such as compassionate cannabis rulemaking, as well as mainstay topics, such as the legislative update, case law update, and evidentiary matters, and a range of other interesting topics relevant to all practitioners who deal with administrative agencies in Florida. This year’s program also features two programs­­­­ on ethics and professionalism, good for two CLE credit hours toward the Bar’s ethics and professionalism CLE requirement. We hope that you can join us for the 2016 Pat Dore Conference! Register Online Today!
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Basic Trial Practice 2016
Basic overview of trial practice intended for the new lawyer or lawyers new to the practice area. Topics to include litigation, jury selection, opening, cross examination, closing, appellate perspective and a view from the bench.
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Essentials of Elder Law

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Elder Law Annual Update and Hot Topics

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2017 International Tax Bootcamp
The International Tax Boot Camp will provide young CPAs and attorneys a beginner-level summary of internationalinbound and outbound taxation
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35th Annual International Tax Conference

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2016 Survey of Florida Law
This is a collection of audio recordings from various seminars that took place during the 2015-2016 Florida Bar fiscal year.
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Special Needs Trusts in Florida
This is a full day, Florida-specific Special Needs Trusts program. This practical, focused CLE is a must for anyone doing SNT’s in Florida. The program will discuss drafting tips, pitfalls, uses of SNT’s and when they aren’t necessary. We will also discuss the Florida ABLE accounts that should become available in June of this year.
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Visa Strategies For The Entrepreneur
This audio webcast will review nonimmigrant visa strategies for the small business owner and/or investor.
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Managing Bilingual Mediation
This audio webcast will sensitize listeners to the ways effective mediation may go awry when one or more parties to the mediation primarily uses a language other than English. The session will cover what the mediator can do to render the mediation effective under such circumstances whether the mediator is bilingual, or not. Included will be suggested strategies and best practices to overcome obstacles to linguistic communication in mediation, as well as discussion of legal ethical issues impacting attorneys in the course of communications that may be required in the context of mediation.
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Don't Let Someone take a Byte Out of Your Digital Assets

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 1 of 4: Prelease Issues

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 2 of 4: Key Lease Issues

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 3 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 2

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 3 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 2

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Law for a Lawyer's Own Business Webinar 4 of 4: Key Lease Issues Part 3

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Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section ANNUAL RETREAT 2016

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The Oracle Speaks: Appellate Mediation Unveiled
Learn from a distinguished panel of appellate judges, mediators and recognized experts in appellate advocacy about significant ways to improve your appellate mediation experience. This seminar is designed to assist mediators and advocates in the context of mediation at the appellate court level by discussing advanced techniques utilized to resolve cases on appeal. Topics include the essentials of appellate mediation in specific FL DCA’s, the history of appellate mediation in Florida and its effect on today’s mediation programs at the appellate level; how to incorporate mandated mediation into your successful appellate strategy; effective levers to use as a mediator to gain momentum with prevailing parties; and the ethics of appellate mediation.
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Castellanos and Miles-Impact of 2016 Attorney Fee Cases

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GOING SOLO: Successful Practice Development
This seminar includes Networking 101; Marketing; Solo Practice 101; The Importance of "When;" and Technology and Cost Savings as a Solo.
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2016 Ullman Year in Review
Every year the Tax Section holds a CLE in honor of Samuel Ullman, Past Chair of the Section. This year's topics include international tax (in and outbound), civil tax procedures, state and local taxation, tax exempt organizations, estate and gift tax, criminal tax, phising, basis reporting rules, employee benefits and deferred compenstation, and ethics and professionalism.
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A Prescription for a Successful Employment Discrimination Law Mediation
Learn from a distinguished panel of mediators and attorneys recognized experts in employment law and mediation about how to resolve an employment discrimination matter at mediation. The topics will include basic overview of mediation, the cost of a workplace conflict, the timing of mediation, how to select a mediator, how to prepare for mediation, ground rules, styles and terminology throughout mediation, benefits of going to mediation with/without an offer already on the table and practical tips for effectively mediating an employment matter, including against pro se parties and uncompromising legal counsel or parties.
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Solar and Renewables: Policies and Practicalities in Florida

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Sea Level Rise: A Big Deal for Real Estate Transactions
Sea level rise and the legal problems arising from its effects are no longer just the realm of environmental attorneys. Today, your clients are buying property and constructing projects in locations that will be affected by sea level rise for years to come, and the economic impact on them could be significant. This webinar provides an introduction to the concerns related to sea level rise and how to spot the issues that may affect your client, the implications of increasing local government regulations on properties subject to sea level rise, and a practical primer on risk assessment, due diligence, insurance requirements, association responsibilities, contractual provisions, trust/estate issues and various tools to reduce potential legal problems in the future.
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