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The Florida Bar
and the CLE Committee present
Survey of Florida Law 2013

Course Classification: Intermediate Level
Audio CD only - No written material

Course No. 1741R

A survey of Florida law with updates in a variety of areas. Topics include; Estate Tax, Fiduciary and Ethical Issues in Entity Planning, An Intro to E-filing, Dismantling State Oversight of Local Land Use Decisions, Dealing with Pre Se Litigants, Opening and Closing Strategies, Practice Pointers, Trial Skills, Elder Law, and Ethics. Credit Approval Period is 4/30/13 - 10/30/14

Estate Tax, Fiduciary and Ethical Issues in Entity Planning (1497) 50min
William R. Lane, Tampa

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking to the Courthouse – An Into to E-filing(1543) 110min
Kevin Johnson, Tampa

Dismantling State Oversight of Local Land Use Decisions – Has the Pendulum Swung too far? (1428) 50min
Nancy G. Linnan, Tallahassee; Robert Lincoln, Sarasota

“A Wise Old Owl:” Dealing with Pro Se Litigants and Qualified Representatives (1430) 50min
Brent McNeal, Tallahassee; Hon. June C. McKinney, Tallahassee

Tying Your Case Together: Opening and Closing Strategies (1432) 60min
Hon. Mark Klingensmith, Fort Pierce

Practice Pointers: A Judicial Perspective (1434) 45min
Panel: Honorable; Caryl E. Delano, Paul M. Green, K. Rodney May, Karen K. Specie,
Catherine Peek McEwen, Karen S. Jennemann, Jerry A. Funk, Paul G. Hyman

Trial Skills: Examination of Witnesses (including Experts, Frye Motions and Motions in Limine) (1441) 60min
Patricia Lowry, West Palm Beach

Privacy, Confidentiality and Medical Records (1449) 45min
Barry S. Herrin, Atlanta, GA

Can you keep a secret? Must you?! The Lawyer’s Duty to Protect Confidences/Privilege/Work Product (1474) 60min
Evan R. Marks, Miami

Elder Law, Disability and Capacity Issues (1536) 30min
Charlie Robinson, Clearwater

Ethics (1450) 50min
Jan Wichrowski, Orlando

Ethics (1441) 105min
Bruce Blackwell, Orlando

2013 Survey of Florida Law.pdf2013 Survey of Florida Law.pdf

This is an audio CD only, written course material is not included.



Credit may be applied to more than one of the programs above but cannot exceed the maximum for any given program. Please keep a record of credit hours earned. RETURN YOUR COMPLETED CLER AFFIDAVIT PRIOR TO CLER REPORTING DATE (see Bar News label). (Rule Regulating The Florida Bar 6-10.5).

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