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Qualifying Hunting and Fishing as the Preferred Means of Managing Wildlife: A Potentially Dangerous Ballot Initiative that Provides Little Protection to Hunters and Fishermen

Animal Law
This November, Florida voters will have the opportunity to enshrine hunting and fishing as a constitutional right in the state....

Who’s the Real Predator? A Look Into Alligator Farming

Animal Law
Recognized as the official state reptile of Florida,[1] American alligators have long been harvested for their hides and meat. Restrictions...

A Look at the PETS Act and Related Florida Law in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

Animal Law
On September 28, 2022, destruction hit Florida’s Gulf Coast as Hurricane Ian, the second most deadly storm to devastate the...

Cosmetic Animal Testing: The Future of Cruelty-Free Beauty in Florida

Animal Law
Animal testing is an issue that has been at the center of debate in the scientific and legal communities for...

In the Cards: Betting on Veterinary Telemedicine Legal Reform

Animal Law
Research demonstrates that many pets do not regularly see a veterinarian, often because their families confront significant obstacles to obtaining...

America’s Unifying Banner: Erasing Animal Cruelty

Animal Law
In this time of political division, it is important to recognize that Americans still have common values that unite us....

Marine Canary in the Coal Mine: The Latest Threats to Manatee Survival and Efforts to Save Them

Animal Law
Your authors grew up in Florida enjoying the natural wonders of a relatively unspoiled state. One of these natural pleasures,...

Courtroom Canines Are Leading Courtroom Accommodations for Children

Animal Law
“The morning of the trial was excruciating for Anna, as it is for every child victim or witness who has...

The Fading Color of Coral: Anthropogenic Threats to Our Native Reefs

Animal Law
The authors of this article are native Floridians who grew up in South Florida and have witnessed personally the splendor...

Pets Should Receive Special Consideration in F.S. Ch. 61, Dissolution and F.S. Ch. 741, Domestic Violence

Animal Law
“Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they are meant to serve.” — Clarence...