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Animal Hoarding in Florida: Addressing the Ongoing Animal, Human, and Public Health Crisis

Animal Law
Animal hoarding is a quiet epidemic in Florida. It is a misunderstood and under-recognized problem that has serious negative consequences...

Alligator Harvesting: Hunting as a Regulatory Tool for Species Management

Animal Law
“Never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river.”1 When you think of Florida, images of sandy beaches,...

Padi-Waggin: The Tail of One Dog’s Journey from Death Row to Legislative Inspiration for Dog Bite Due Process

Animal Law
This article describes how the confluence of a local government dog bite citation, community concern, a dog-owning legislator, and a...

AWA Compliance: Understanding the Basic Framework

Animal Law
The Animal Welfare Act (AWA)1 is the 50-year-old federal law that provides the standards for the humane care and treatment...