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Camino Island

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Sooner or later, all famous people land in Florida, besot by sunshine and a tempting tax code. John Grisham, the...

First: Sandra Day O’Connor

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Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s remarkable example of determination, deliberation, and moderation is always worth more reflection. Fortunately for us, Evan...

Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer

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Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer is written by Randall Kiser, an internationally recognized authority on attorney performance who has...

The Lost Indictment of Robert E. Lee

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Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had much to be worried about as his once mighty Army of Northern Virginia crumbled...

50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More. Stress Less. Be Awesome.

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In the ever-growing field of professional coaching for lawyers, few coaches are as qualified, through their personal experience of practicing...

Ghost Guns: A Matt O’Malley Thriller

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People are succumbing to a mysterious illness around Orlando’s Lake Eola, while state, local, and federal officials do everything they...

Try Common Sense: Replacing the Failed Ideologies of Right and Left

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It is exceedingly and frustratingly difficult in the United States today to effectively, much less efficiently, accomplish productive goals affecting...


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For lawyers who read legal thrillers, isn’t half the fun looking for legal errors? When lawyers write legal thrillers, they...

From Brooklyn to Biscayne Bay and on to Tallahassee: The Remarkable Story of Former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald Kogan

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Greek philosopher Socrates provided one of the earliest descriptions of the qualities of a good judge: “Four things belong to...

Judicial Fortitude: The Last Chance to Rein in the Administrative State

Book Reviews
Neither Congress nor the federal judiciary perform the key roles assigned them by the Constitution very well, attorney-author Peter J....