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The American Influence on International Commercial Arbitration: Doctrinal Developments and Discovery Methods

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If national economies ever were independent of international markets, they certainly are not now. At the speed of the internet,...


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In 1970, James Richardson, a black migrant worker in Arcadia, was accused of killing his seven children. He was convicted...

Assessing Legal Responses to COVID-19

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The field of public or population health often has received inadequate political, social, and economic attention in the past, but...

Honest Immigration

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In Honest Immigration: How to Stay in the United States Legally and Become a Permanent Resident Due to Mistreatment, out-of-state attorney...

The Education of John Adams

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John Adams will never be the most popular of the Founding Fathers. He did not have the commanding grace of...

Sales for Lawyers

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A business development book specifically for lawyers, Sales for Lawyers: How to Sell within the Rules of Professional Conduct, is...

Strange Cases and Wild Tales

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This is a delightful must-read book that just allows itself to be read. It’s a collection of stories, as recalled...

Stringfellow Acid Pits

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Brian Craig’s Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy, explores how California government officials coaxed Jimmy Stringfellow into allowing them...

Tenant for Death, Tragedy at Law, and With a Bare Bodkin

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Amazon called my attention to Cyril Hare when its algorithms exposed me as a fan of English murder mysteries, police...

The Man Who Ran Washington

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James A. Baker III, a third-generation attorney, was a political force unmatched in modern American history. He managed presidential campaigns...