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The Doll Dilemma & The Go-Kartastrope

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Lawyer parents — back again, this book review is for you! This mother-daughter author duo is back by special request...


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Author Alystair West, a retired lawyer and pastor, utilizes both experiences in telling an entertaining and thought-provoking story about a...

The Fear of Too Much Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Persistence of Inequality in the Criminal Courts

Book Reviews
The Fear of Too Much Justice is an incisive, thoroughly researched, and ultimately devastating critique of the American criminal justice...

From Death Row to Freedom: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the Pitts-Lee Case

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Martin Luther King, Jr.’s declaration — that the arc of the moral universe is long, but that it bends toward...

Judgment and Mercy: The Turbulent Life and Times of the Judge Who Condemned the Rosenbergs

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Full of rich content, Judgment and Mercy presents an illuminating biography of Judge Irving Robert Kaufman. Author and attorney Martin...

Sand Moon

Book Reviews
I’m sitting on a beach on the gulf, enjoying the peace of my brief escape from the pressures of work...

Constitutional Contagion: COVID, The Courts, and Public Health

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In autumn 2023, the specter of COVID-19 threatens to recapture public attention. Earlier COVID challenges and responses instigated a plethora...

The Briefcase of Juris P. Prudence

Book Reviews
Lawyer Parents — back again, this book review is for you! Targeting books explaining our profession to kids, now for...

A Most Disorderly Court and Reubin O’D. Askew — The Golden Age of Florida Politics

Book Reviews
Edmund Burke is often misquoted as stating, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Spanish philosopher George...

Broken: The Suspicious Death of Alydar and the End of Horse Racing’s Golden Age

Book Reviews
Author Fred M. Kray delves into the suspicious death of Alydar — a beloved thoroughbred race horse. As a former...