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The Modern Republican Party in Florida

Book Reviews
Florida Bar member and former Representative Pete Dunbar partnered with political consultant and former president of the Florida Senate, Mike...

Tools and Weapons

Book Reviews
As the world of technology changes at an accelerating pace, policymakers and legal professionals may be at a loss to...

City of Debtors: A Century of Fringe Finance

Book Reviews
The author of City of Debtors illustrates the history of predatory lending from its beginnings as small-sum lending to private...

It’s Only an Opinion: An Appraiser in Court

Book Reviews
“Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word, there are three kinds. The first kind depends on the...

Law and Addiction

Book Reviews
Jake Rutledge, a smart student, was a brand-new law school graduate and attorney, originally from Oakley, West Virginia. Oakley was...

A Case of Treason: The Traitor of Corregidor

Book Reviews
Gen. Douglas MacArthur, upon leaving Corregidor Island for Australia in March 1942, famously stated: “I shall return.” But for the...

Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys

Book Reviews
Faith Pincus is a familiar name to many Florida lawyers because of her continuing legal education company, Pincus Professional Education,...

Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution

Book Reviews
For readers only passingly familiar with the life and jurisprudence of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Myron Magnet’s new book,...

Camino Island

Book Reviews
Sooner or later, all famous people land in Florida, besot by sunshine and a tempting tax code. John Grisham, the...

First: Sandra Day O’Connor

Book Reviews
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s remarkable example of determination, deliberation, and moderation is always worth more reflection. Fortunately for us, Evan...