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City, County And Local Government

The Foreclosure of Local Special Assessment Liens: What, Where, Why, and How of the Civil Action and Enforcement Methods

City, County and Local Government
In these unprecedented times, there has been a drought in local government revenues and collections. These are times of fiscal...

Firefighter Cancer Benefits: A Case for Prospective Application

City, County and Local Government
In 2019, the Florida Legislature acknowledged the scientific evidence showing a correlation between firefighting and certain cancers when it passed...

What Are the Constitutional Limitations on Prayers at Local Government Meetings?

City, County and Local Government
In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s momentous ruling in Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway, 134 S. Ct....

Misled Interested Citizens and Florida’s Public Meeting Laws

City, County and Local Government
Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, F.S. 286.011, has long required meetings of governing bodies of public agencies to be...

Bid Protests Under the Administrative Procedure Act: The Standard of Review, the Protest Hearing, and Further Review

City, County and Local Government
The touchstone of our democracy is federalism with powers within the government separated horizontally and vertically. The purpose of such...

Bidder Beware: Construction Contracting By and With Local Governments in Florida

City, County and Local Government
Construction contracting in the local government setting presents unique challenges that every construction law attorney and local government attorney should...

Parliamentary Procedure: Accomplishing the Will of the Majority While Protecting the Rights of the Minority in an Efficient and Respectful Manner

City, County and Local Government
The time was half past midnight. The meeting droned into its eleventh hour. The mayor looked down at the agenda,...

Local Regulation of Medical Marijuana in Florida

City, County and Local Government
The use of marijuana for medical purposes has a lengthy history, with the earliest known use occurring around 2900 B.C.1...

When Is a Public Official Entitled to Prevailing Party Attorneys’ Fee Reimbursement in Public Records Act Cases? Part II

City, County and Local Government
In part one of this article, I reviewed the potential statutory basis on which a Florida public official might invoke...

When Is a Public Official Entitled to Prevailing Party Attorneys’ Fee Reimbursement in Public Records Act Cases? Part I

City, County and Local Government
While becoming an elected or appointed public official in Florida affords the official personal pride, community respect, and, of course,...