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The Taxation of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have grown in popularity and ubiquity in the past few years. Just within the last year...

A Primer on Florida’s New Summary Judgment Standard

Appellate Practice
The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure are intended to “secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.”[1] The...

Can Selection of a Trustee Be a Material Purpose Under F.S. §736.0706(2)(d)?

Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
Establishing a paradigm in which the settlor’s intent may be respected is an important aspect of a well-drafted estate plan....

Federal Contracting Disputes: Do All Roads Lead to Rome? Part I

Business Law
“All Roads Lead to Rome,” has come to mean that one can reach the same result in many different ways.[1]...

Marine Canary in the Coal Mine: The Latest Threats to Manatee Survival and Efforts to Save Them

Animal Law
Your authors grew up in Florida enjoying the natural wonders of a relatively unspoiled state. One of these natural pleasures,...

Preventing Re-Victimization of Sexual Harassment Victims: The Limits of Discovery of Plaintiff’s Intimate Past in Sexual Harassment Suits

Labor and Employment Law
While the most recent claims surrounding New York’s governor have yet to play out, it remains an unfortunate reality that...

Accommodating Mental Disabilities During and After the Pandemic

Labor and Employment Law
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused increased stress, anxiety, and depression for many people, but particularly those suffering from preexisting mental...

Changes in the U.S. International Tax System Proposed by the Biden Administration

Under the pre-TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) U.S. international tax system, the U.S. implemented a worldwide tax system that...

Forum Selection in Administrative Appeals and the “Home Venue Privilege”

Appellate Practice
Occasionally, appellate lawyers are confronted with the question of in which district court of appeal (DCA) to initiate an appeal...

Modern Complexity Demands New Ways of Working: The Future of the Lawyer-Nonlawyer Partnership

Public Interest Law
In February 2020, the Pennsylvania Law School held a conference about the future of the legal profession.[1] With attendees representing...