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The Neil Inquiry: Navigating The Peremptory Process

Appellate Practice
Serving on a jury “constitutes the most direct way citizens participate in the application of our laws.”[1] It is, thus,...

Florida’s New “Judgment Lien Improvement Act” — Judgment Defendants Beware Because Your Creditors May be Able to Get It Although They Can’t See It!

Business Law
Florida lawyers often hear the cry from their clients that Florida is a “debtor’s haven” because of the generous homestead...

Recent Developments In Collective Action Certification Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

Featured Article
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has long been the primary vehicle through which employees seek to recover alleged unpaid...

Foreign Grantor Trust Planning: A Flexible Planning Structure for U.S. Income Tax

Over the years, U.S. tax practitioners specializing in international taxation have established foreign grantor trusts (FGTs) to assist multi-jurisdictional families...

Adoption By the Numbers: Two Years Later, How Should the Florida Courts Navigate the “Not-So-New” Florida Summary Judgment Rule?

Appellate Practice
On December 31, 2020, the Florida Supreme Court amended Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510, which regulates summary judgment motions.[1]...

Traffic Jams Are Not Enough: Administrative Standing in Permitting Challenges

Administrative Law
The threshold issue of standing is a linchpin in the efficient and effective operation of the administrative and judicial systems....

Crisis Communications and Image Restoration — There’s Insurance for That?

Business Law
Imagine the following scenario. You represent a small to medium-sized business or organization as their primary counsel. Your client calls...

Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Rules Finalized, But Will Access Issues Cause Delay?

As of this writing (June 15, 2023), the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)[1] is scheduled to take effect on January 1,...

Changing The Face of ADR: A Call for Greater Diversity Among the ADR Profession

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Mediation and arbitration are the most commonly used forms of alternative dispute resolution in Florida. In both processes, a neutral...

Florida’s Water Quality Rules Under The Clean Waterways Act

Environmental & Land Use Law
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently adopted (pending ratification) the most significant rules in its history pertaining to stormwater[1]...