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“Goodwill Hunting” for Equity: The Florida Supreme Court’s Unintended Result of the Thompson Case, Part I

Family Law
What happens in a dissolution of marriage when a Florida court is tasked to value and distribute a business entity?...

How to Lose a Judicial Law Clerk in 10 Ways[1]

Appellate Practice
Judicial law clerks[2] serve a necessary function in the daily work of Florida’s courts.[3] Justices and judges could not perform...

If the Stud’s a Dud and Other Horse Tales: Mediation of Equine Law Disputes May Be Your Best Bet

Animal Law
If you are involved in the equine industry in Florida, then you have much for which to be grateful. Florida...

New Opportunities to Decant in Florida, Part I: Recent Changes to the Trust Decanting Statute

Elder Law
If a revocable trust is one that may be fully amended or revised in any way, then an irrevocable trust...

Redefining Retirement in the 21st Century for the Small Employer and America

People are living much longer, which demands greater retirement savings. But the recent trend has been toward saving less. Greater...

Unfair Labor Practices in Florida’s Public Sector Workplaces

Labor and Employment Law
Many attorneys, regardless of their practice area, will at some point in their career be faced with issues involving labor...

What Would You Do Today If You Knew a Hurricane Was Going to Hit Your Home or Practice Tomorrow?

Lawyers spend a lot of time preparing for their careers. Most have spent 12 years of primary and secondary education,...

Passport Revocation for Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt

Internal Revenue Code §7345 allows the IRS to certify to the secretary of state that an individual has a seriously...

A Brief History of the End of Greyhound Racing in Florida

Animal Law
The year 2018 was a watershed year for animal welfare in Florida. Among several notable achievements was the phase out...

Limiting the Florida Homestead Exemption by Broadening the Application of the Fraud or Egregious Conduct Exception

Business Law
Since 1868, the Florida Constitution has expressly shielded homestead property from forced sale except in certain delineated circumstances.[1] In 2001,...