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Failure to Deliver: The Problem with “Pocket Deeds” and a Review of Alternatives

Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
A common issue plaguing estate planning attorneys and title attorneys is the “pocket deed” (a nondelivered deed), which is a...

Legal Challenges to Arbitration Awards: Part 1

Labor and Employment Law
Until the 1925 enactment of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), 9 U.S.C. §§1-14, courts were reluctant to enforce contracts to...

South Dakota v. Wayfair: The Case That Changes Everything

Have you ever bought something on the internet? Did the seller charge you tax? If not, have you ever wondered...

Welcome to the Hotel St. Moritz: A Warning Concerning the Window in Which to Seek Appellate Review of Corrected, Amended, or Modified Orders

Appellate Practice
Don Henley may have warned us about the Hotel California, but if you miss the deadline to seek review of...

Eleventh Circuit’s Ruling Strengthens Creditors’ New Value Defense to Preference

Business Law
The 11th Circuit in Kaye v. Blue Bell Creameries Inc. (In re BFW Liquidation LLC), 2018 WL 3850101, 17-13588 (11th...

International E-Discovery: How The 11th Circuit’s Interpretation of Possession, Custody, or Control May Impact Multinational Corporations

Trial Lawyers
In decoding the bounds of e-discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, courts around the country have employed a...

Is My Judgment in Your Best Interest? How Decisions Are Made in Guardianships and a Suggested Reform

Elder Law
When Glenda Martinez and J. Alan Smith met in 2008 through a social media website, little did they know how...

Misled Interested Citizens and Florida’s Public Meeting Laws

City, County and Local Government
Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, F.S. 286.011, has long required meetings of governing bodies of public agencies to be...

Moving from New York to Florida: Perfecting Domicile

Recently, due in large part to the effective repeal of the state and local tax deduction (a/k/a the SALT deduction),1...

Navigating the Differences in Circuit Court Appellate Jurisdiction for Nonfinal Orders

Appellate Practice
Most attorneys are familiar with the rules and jurisdiction of the district courts of appeal and the Florida Supreme Court;...