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IRA Accounts and Possible Stretch Reduction

The current technical federal income tax Individual retirement account (IRA) rules concerning required minimum distribution and post-death payout options are...

New Opportunities to Decant in Florida, Part II: Successful Execution of Trust Decanting

Elder Law
Part I of this article reviewed the 2018 changes to Florida’s trust decanting statute, discussing in particular the expanded authority...

Parties Beware: Your Qualified Representative in an Administrative Proceeding Might Not Be Qualified to Represent You If You Decide to Pursue an Appeal

Administrative Law
Florida’s Administrative Procedure Act[1] allows parties to be represented by qualified representatives, who are not members of The Florida Bar,...

Reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Act: In Pursuit of Tight Lines and Full Nets

Animal Law
The ocean is one of Earth’s most treasured assets. From the deep and frigid waters of the Arctic to the...

The Issues Under Florida Law Relating to “Personal Goodwill” in a Dissolution of Marriage, Part II

Family Law
Over the years, Florida courts have been called upon to address “goodwill” in dissolution of marriage cases. The law, which...

Navigating Florida’s Changing Daubert Tide in Business Cases

Business Law
The Florida Supreme Court’s opinion in In re Amendments to the Florida Evidence Code, No. SC19-107, 2019 WL 2219714, at...

“Goodwill Hunting” for Equity: The Florida Supreme Court’s Unintended Result of the Thompson Case, Part I

Family Law
What happens in a dissolution of marriage when a Florida court is tasked to value and distribute a business entity?...

How to Lose a Judicial Law Clerk in 10 Ways[1]

Appellate Practice
Judicial law clerks[2] serve a necessary function in the daily work of Florida’s courts.[3] Justices and judges could not perform...

If the Stud’s a Dud and Other Horse Tales: Mediation of Equine Law Disputes May Be Your Best Bet

Animal Law
If you are involved in the equine industry in Florida, then you have much for which to be grateful. Florida...

New Opportunities to Decant in Florida, Part I: Recent Changes to the Trust Decanting Statute

Elder Law
If a revocable trust is one that may be fully amended or revised in any way, then an irrevocable trust...