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Recent Developments in Online Privacy Laws

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
Have you ever wondered why you have to click a box certifying that you are over the age of 13...

Leveling the Playing Field: Can Title VII Work to Increase Minority Coaching Hires in NCAA Athletes

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
It has been 25 years since Justice Powell first approved the use of race to further an interest in student...

P2P File Sharing: Direct and Indirect Copyright Infringement

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
Some view the Internet as an abandoned warehouse filled with free pictures, music, video, and text files fixed on a...

An Athlete’s Right of Publicity

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
One of the more valuable assets a celebrity-athlete may possess is his or her identity or persona.1 This asset may...

A Visual Art Law You Had Better Not Overlook

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
Museums, art galleries,municipalities, and collectors are now subject to federal legislation protecting artists’ rights to prevent alteration and destruction of...

University Liability in Florida When Coaches Refer Student Athletes to Sports Agents: A Fiduciary A

Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law
The star running back at State U. is the leading rusher in the nation during his sophomore year and is...