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Estate Planning Issues in a Divorce Situation II: An Update and Standing Orders

Family Law
In 2012, Ms. Brunner published, in this Journal, a review of ‘estate planning type’ rights during 1) the pendency of...

Domestic Relations Obligations: Dischargeable or Not in Bankruptcy?

Family Law
Identifying family court obligations that may be discharged in bankruptcy is more nuanced than it would appear because it requires...

“Beat the Clock”: Deadlines in a Military Divorce Case

Family Law
In this article, we tackle how to address deadlines in military divorce cases. The essential component of “beating the clock”...

Blueprint for a More Effective Family Court Intake Process and Beyond: Opening the Umbrella to Process Family Court Cases

Family Law
Designing an effective family court intake process is not new for Florida. The Florida Supreme Court Steering Committee on Children...

Like Home: The New Definition of Habitual Residence

Family Law
In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers three times and was immediately whisked back to Kansas.[1] For...

Mental-Health Issues in Florida Family Law, Part 2

Family Law
The first part of this two-part series discussed the prevalence of mental-health issues in the United States, defined mental health,...

Mental-Health Issues in Florida Family Law, Part 1

Family Law
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there were more than 4.8 million visits to emergency rooms...

Protecting an Inheritance in the Event of Divorce

Family Law
Planning for generational transfer of wealth can be an emotional and difficult task. Clients often want to provide for children,...

Ending Permanent Periodic Alimony: A Crisis for Enforcing Equitable Distribution Waiting to Happen

Family Law
The Florida Legislature has taken steps in recent years to end permanent periodic alimony. If they are successful, this will...

The Issues Under Florida Law Relating to “Personal Goodwill” in a Dissolution of Marriage, Part II

Family Law
Over the years, Florida courts have been called upon to address “goodwill” in dissolution of marriage cases. The law, which...