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Protecting an Inheritance in the Event of Divorce

Family Law
Planning for generational transfer of wealth can be an emotional and difficult task. Clients often want to provide for children,...

Ending Permanent Periodic Alimony: A Crisis for Enforcing Equitable Distribution Waiting to Happen

Family Law
The Florida Legislature has taken steps in recent years to end permanent periodic alimony. If they are successful, this will...

The Issues Under Florida Law Relating to “Personal Goodwill” in a Dissolution of Marriage, Part II

Family Law
Over the years, Florida courts have been called upon to address “goodwill” in dissolution of marriage cases. The law, which...

“Goodwill Hunting” for Equity: The Florida Supreme Court’s Unintended Result of the Thompson Case, Part I

Family Law
What happens in a dissolution of marriage when a Florida court is tasked to value and distribute a business entity?...

The Collaborative Law Process Rules: This Is How We Do It

Family Law
On May 18, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion in which it adopted rules of procedure and professional...

Putting a Milking Stool Behind a Horse Does Not Make it a Cow: “Accountants’ Charging and Retaining Liens” in Florida

Family Law
In family law practice, in particular, lawyers become familiar with seeing their opposite numbers file notices of charging liens, and...

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: An Update on Grandparent Visitation

Family Law
The struggle for grandparent visitation rights in Florida is a game of thrones between the three branches of government.1 The...

The Collaborative Law Process Act: The Future Is Now

Family Law
The Collaborative Law Process Act was passed by the Florida Legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott...

Homeschooling and the Perils of Shared Parental Responsibility

Family Law
Each year, increasing numbers of Floridians choose home education, with more than 75,000 students in the state currently taught at...

What the Abacus Can Teach Us About Technology (And Other Valuable Lessons About Innovation and Collaboration)

Family Law
The phrase “access to justice” graces the pages of legal magazines, articles, and webpages starring as the social justice issue...