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Cybersecurity — Optimize Your Approach

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Emerging technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and continue to transform the legal profession. Recently, we learned that the...

Attorney Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk

Featured Article
Attorneys from solo practices to large firms generate, modify, collect, exchange, and store both practice information (client lists, escrow account...

Let’s Talk, ChatGPT: What Will the Judiciary’s Future Look Like?

Featured Article
In a 2016 article for The Florida Bar Journal,[1] I offered the following question for discussion: Could computers eventually diminish,...

Corsican Controversy — Be Wary of Wire Transfers

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An old friend from Miami now lives with his family in London, a renown international travel hub. They have made...

Cybersecurity Threats To Critical Infrastructure

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Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are increasing at an alarming rate.[1] A 2022 survey of organizations in the United States, Japan,...

When Cybersecurity Goes Wrong: Breach Notice Obligations Under the Florida Information Protection Act

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Sometimes even with thorough cybersecurity policies and procedures, something goes wrong. With the rise of ransomware[1] and phishing attacks,[2] as...

Concurrals, Dissentals, and this Commental

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Increasingly, appellate judges are “writing dissents from, and concurrences in, orders denying rehearing en banc[2] — colloquially known as dissentals...

A Look at the PETS Act and Related Florida Law in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

Animal Law
On September 28, 2022, destruction hit Florida’s Gulf Coast as Hurricane Ian, the second most deadly storm to devastate the...

To Stay or Not to Stay: The Florida Supreme Court Clarifies in Ybor the Applicability of the Presumptive Stay Provision in F.S. §120.68(3)

Administrative Law
The first sentence of F.S. §120.68(3), located within Florida’s Administrative Procedure Act (APA) or F.S. Ch. 120, creates a presumption...

Judgment Collection: The Use of Proceedings Supplementary to Compel a Debtor to Pay a Judgment

Featured Article
Generally, judgment collection is not easy. Judgment debtors will often move assets around and even keep them in foreign countries...