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Is an Unequal Equitable Distribution Equitable?

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In Florida, under the common law, title dictated the distribution of assets incident to a divorce.[1] Wives were at risk...

The Florida Bar Prioritizes Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

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At the beginning of my presidency, The Florida Bar created the Standing Committee on Cybersecurity and Privacy Law — the...

The Cashless Real Estate Deal: Beware of Phantom Withholding on Foreign Partners’ Income

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Down markets yield an uptick in insolvent real estate transactions, which may result in cancellation of indebtedness income (COD income)....

The People’s Court on Appeal: Three Years of County Court Appeals to the District Courts of Appeal

Appellate Practice
As the clock approached midnight on December 31, 2020, Floridians looked with hope to a new beginning, leaving behind a...

Florida’s New “Judgment Lien Improvement Act” — Judgment Defendants Beware Because Your Creditors May be Able to Get It Although They Can’t See It!

Business Law
Florida lawyers often hear the cry from their clients that Florida is a “debtor’s haven” because of the generous homestead...

Recent Developments In Collective Action Certification Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has long been the primary vehicle through which employees seek to recover alleged unpaid...

Harvesting the Sun: A Sustainable Approach for Florida’s Greenbelt Law

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In 2021, Florida dropped to 21st place for gross receipts of farms, its lowest rank since 1953.[1] The Sunshine State...

Adoption By the Numbers: Two Years Later, How Should the Florida Courts Navigate the “Not-So-New” Florida Summary Judgment Rule?

Appellate Practice
On December 31, 2020, the Florida Supreme Court amended Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510, which regulates summary judgment motions.[1]...

Traffic Jams Are Not Enough: Administrative Standing in Permitting Challenges

Administrative Law
The threshold issue of standing is a linchpin in the efficient and effective operation of the administrative and judicial systems....

Scott Westheimer President of The Florida Bar

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A mere block from the majestic Mediterranean Revival style Sarasota County Courthouse sits the law office of Syprett Meshad. With over...