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Anatomy of a Business Divorce: Florida LLCs

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Businesses are started every day through a variety of legal mechanisms — sometimes lawyers assist the owners in creating the...

For Whom the Statute Tolls: An Analytical Look at the Tolling Provision in Florida’s Product Liability Statute of Repose

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A considerable amount of commentator and jurisprudential ink has been spilled on Florida’s product liability statute of repose through the...

An Analysis of Current Florida Law in Connection with Recovering Fees on Fees

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Under the long-standing “American Rule,” each party in litigation is responsible for its own attorneys’ fees and costs absent a...

Growing in Unexpected Ways

President's Page
There is a difference between change and growth. As lawyers, and in our personal lives, we undoubtedly faced a lot...

Annual Reports of Sections and Divisions of The Florida Bar

Annual Reports
Administrative Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Animal Law Appellate Practice Business Law City, County and Local Government Law Criminal Law Entertainment,...

Annual Reports of Committees of The Florida Bar

Annual Reports
Admiralty Law Admiralty and Maritime Law Certification Adoption Law Certification Advertising Annual Convention Appellate Practice Certification Appellate Court Rules Aviation...

The Deep Roots of Florida’s Public Official Standing Doctrine and Its Vital Role in Preserving Our Constitutional Separation of Powers

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Florida’s public official standing doctrine prohibits members of the executive branch from challenging the constitutionality of legislative action, unless the...

Lawyer Referral Fees and the (Unintended?) Legacy of Noris

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If a Florida attorney retains a fee interest in a referral, does he or she assume unlimited liability for the...

Our Extraordinary Pro Bono Lawyers: Following Their Lead in Difficult Times

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Earlier this year, I was honored to present The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Awards to recognize an extraordinary group...

Florida’s Lawyer Discipline System: What Every Attorney Needs to Know

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The Florida Bar performs a number of important roles for the legal profession, and arguably none is more important than...