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Florida’s Water Quality Rules Under The Clean Waterways Act

Environmental & Land Use Law
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently adopted (pending ratification) the most significant rules in its history pertaining to stormwater[1]...

Designing Trust Systems for Florida Residents: Planning Strategies, Things You Should Know, and Traps for the Unwary

Featured Article
Revocable and irrevocable trusts are commonly used as the primary platforms for estate and financial planning for individuals, married couples,...

Use of the Constructive Knowledge Standard When Evaluating “Evident Partiality” Challenges to Arbitration Awards in Florida

Business Law
“Florida courts have long acknowledged a strong public policy in favor of arbitration.”[1] It is well-settled in Florida that “[a] very high degree of conclusiveness attaches...

Cybersecurity — Optimize Your Approach

Featured Article
Emerging technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and continue to transform the legal profession. Recently, we learned that the...

Attorney Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk

Featured Article
Attorneys from solo practices to large firms generate, modify, collect, exchange, and store both practice information (client lists, escrow account...

Pondering the Future of the Legal Profession

President's Page
What is the future of the legal profession? There have been many opinions offered, but some answers are emerging. Generally...

Let’s Talk, ChatGPT: What Will the Judiciary’s Future Look Like?

Featured Article
In a 2016 article for The Florida Bar Journal,[1] I offered the following question for discussion: Could computers eventually diminish,...

2022-2023 ANNUAL REPORTS of Committees of The Florida Bar

Annual Reports
Admiralty Law Admiralty and Maritime Law Certification Adoption Law Certification Advertising Annual Convention Appellate Board Certification Appellate Court Rules Aviation...

2022-2023 ANNUAL REPORTS of Sections and Divisions of The Florida Bar

Annual Reports
Alternative Dispute Resolution Animal Law Appellate Practice Business Law City, County and Local Government Law Elder Law Entertainment, Arts &...

Corsican Controversy — Be Wary of Wire Transfers

Featured Article
An old friend from Miami now lives with his family in London, a renown international travel hub. They have made...