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Appealing Administrative Action: The Threshold Considerations

Government Lawyer
Appeals of administrative agency actions differ from traditional appellate practice. For example, appellate cases involving agency decisions can raise nuanced...

Redefining Professionalism? Florida’s Code Mandating the Aspirational Raises Challenging Questions

Government Lawyer
Responding to continued criticism of the legal profession, Florida recently adopted a new Code for Resolving Professionalism Complaints (professionalism code).1...

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Run for Public Office

Government Lawyer
The legal profession is comprised of leaders, so it is not surprising that some attorneys flirt with the idea of...

The New Constitutional Cabinet — “Florida’s Four”

Government Lawyer
This is a follow-up article to a review of the Florida Cabinet system previously published in The Florida Bar Journal,...

Florida’s Cabinet System: Y2K and Beyond

Government Lawyer
The idea for this article began before voters of the State of Florida chose to amend Florida’s Cabinet in response...

Constitution Revision Commissions Avoid Logrolling, Don’t They?

Government Lawyer
Constitutional revision is not for the faint of heart.1 C ompared to the constitutional convention, that unique, 200-year-old invention of...