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Preventing Re-Victimization of Sexual Harassment Victims: The Limits of Discovery of Plaintiff’s Intimate Past in Sexual Harassment Suits

Labor and Employment Law
While the most recent claims surrounding New York’s governor have yet to play out, it remains an unfortunate reality that...

Accommodating Mental Disabilities During and After the Pandemic

Labor and Employment Law
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused increased stress, anxiety, and depression for many people, but particularly those suffering from preexisting mental...

Calculating Economic Losses in 11th Circuit Employment Termination Cases

Labor and Employment Law
Economic damages from lost pay have always been an important consideration when employment lawyers are advising potential plaintiffs as to...

Social Media and the Progressive Limitations on Public Sector Employees’ First Amendment Right to Free Speech

Labor and Employment Law
There are moments in history that mark advancements in communication from which humans will never return. Such moments include the...

Loss in the Time of Coronavirus: Evaluating WARN Obligations During a Pandemic

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As a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses have been or will be forced to close operations...

A Whistleblower Hidden in Plain Sight:When Does an Employee Termination Risk a False Claims Act Filing?

Labor and Employment Law
Scenario One:[1] Sharon had been the new chief HR officer for just the last quarter at NewCo. Everything was going...

Unfair Labor Practices in Florida’s Public Sector Workplaces

Labor and Employment Law
Many attorneys, regardless of their practice area, will at some point in their career be faced with issues involving labor...

Protecting Goodwill as a Legitimate Business Interest in a Restrictive Covenant Enforcement Action

Labor and Employment Law
Given the proliferation of restrictive covenant agreements, practitioners in Florida are likely often confronted by prospective, current, and former employees...

Legal Challenges to Arbitration Awards: Part II

Labor and Employment Law
Part I of this article discussed the considerations that are taken into account where there is a contention of a...

Legal Challenges to Arbitration Awards: Part 1

Labor and Employment Law
Until the 1925 enactment of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), 9 U.S.C. §§1-14, courts were reluctant to enforce contracts to...