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Judges and Race

January/February 2019 David P. Carter Letters
All facts, numbers, and statistics in my letter to the editor in the Sept./Oct. Journal came from the June 2018 special issue…

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

January/February 2019 Mandi D. Stephenson Letters
‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the place, all attorneys were billing at an ungodly pace. Their files…


November/December 2018 Letters
In the table of contents of the September/October issue of the Journal, the article “State Assumption of the federal Dredge-and-Fill…

“Lady Bird” Deeds

November/December 2018 Bruce E. Hoffman Letters
In the article on “The Disproportionate Impact of Heirs Property in Florida’s Low-Income Communities of Color” in the September/October issue,…

More Judicial Demographics

November/December 2018 Mark Warda and Richard N. Friedman Letters
Don’t you even casually check letters to the editor for blatantly false claims? David P. Carter’s letter in the September/October…

Judicial Economics and Demographics

September/October 2018 David P. Carter and S.V. Dedmon Letters
Why do black men make up 19 percent of the U.S. population but only 12 percent of state court judges?…

JNCs and Defining Diversity

September/October 2018 William Drake Letters
Several articles in the June 2018 special edition of The Florida Bar Journal criticize the judicial selection process in Florida.…


September/October 2018 Letters
In the “Letters” section of the July/August issue, Amrita Singh’s city was misidentified as Orlando. The author is located in…

Privacy Rights

September/October 2018 Jed Kurzban Letters
Weaver v. Myers: The Future of Ex Parte Communication in Florida Medical Malpractice by Brian W. Boelens(July/August) was a particularly…

Acknowledging Inequalities

July/August 2018 Amrita Singh Letters
I enjoyed reading “Justice with Intent to Distribute: Pensacola Man Helped Through Program That Takes Lawyers to the Community,” by Nancy Kinnally…
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