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Harvesting the Sun: A Sustainable Approach for Florida’s Greenbelt Law

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In 2021, Florida dropped to 21st place for gross receipts of farms, its lowest rank since 1953.[1] The Sunshine State...

Justice Lewis Inspires Inquiring Young Minds to Want to Know Civics

Within five minutes of his first lesson as a Justice Teaching volunteer, Vero Beach lawyer Jason Odom threw away prepared...

Tallahassee Women Lawyers Receives Statewide Pro Bono Service Award as it Turns 30

Tallahassee Women Lawyers was honored as the 2011 recipient of the Voluntary Bar Association Pro Bono Award, presented by Chief...

Hold on Tight to What We Have

Brace yourself. We’re in for another wild ride fighting for the judiciary as a co-equal third branch of government —...

The Palm Beach County Bar Association Debuts its First Diversity Website

Among many other successful diversity efforts, the Palm Beach County Bar Association (PBCBA) has launched a diversity website that focuses...

Index to Vol. 84 of The Florida Bar Journal (2010)

Key: January, Ja; February, F; March, Mr; April, Ap; May, My; June, Je; July/August, Jy/Ag; September/October, S/O; November, N; December,...

2010 Offers Grant Program to Voluntary Bar Associations that Encourage Diversity

When he became president of the Jacksonville Bar Association, Joseph Camerlengo felt there was a lack of diversity initiatives in...

Journal directory is now only online

Editor’s Note : The Florida Bar Board of Governors decided last year to discontinue publication of the September Directory issue....

Annual Reports: Clients’ Security Fund

Clients’ Security Fund It is with great pride and privilege that I submit this annual report on behalf of the...

Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Foundation Wall of Honor

On February 18, 2010, the Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Foundation dedicated the Wall of Honor at the M.C. Blanchard Judicial Center....