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Waves of Change

President's Page
“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss...

It’s a Balancing Act

President's Page
I am constantly asked, how do you do it all? How can you be president of the Bar, practice law,...

When Will We Stop Counting?

President's Page
I am often introduced as the sixth woman president of The Florida Bar. When will we stop counting how many...

A Hard Look at Our Criminal Justice System

President's Page
As the first former public defender to ever lead The Florida Bar, criminal justice issues have been a priority of...

Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

President's Page
I recently had the privilege of spending time in Sarasota’s legal community where I learned about the Booker High School...

LegalFuel: A Playbook for Profitability

President's Page
I am excited about this upcoming year and finding ways to make the Bar a vital resource for you, both...

We’re All in This Together

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One of my great passions when it comes to Bar work is getting people together. I learned quickly as a...

A Grateful Heart

President's Page
Like all good journeys, when I started, I really had no idea where the road would take me, who I...

In the Spirit of Giving

President's Page
For those of you who have heard me speak as I have traveled our great state and for those who...

Mental Health: The Issue of Our Time

President's Page
I thank Judge Steve Leifman, co-chair of the Special Committee on Mental Health in the Courts and chair of the...