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The Need for More ‘Experiential Education’ in Law School

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Did law school prepare you to be a lawyer? It’s a serious question. As I have been traveling all over...

What Does “Life’s Legal Moments” Actually Mean?

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The Florida Bar recently launched a public education program called “Life’s Legal Moments.” What does this phrase mean? It refers...

What Is the Point of Civics Education?

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There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the lack of civics education in our country. The joke...

So, Who Needs a Lawyer Anyway?

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My father, Shep Lesser, of blessed memory, used to tell clients that they “could pull out their own tooth, but...

The Value of Mentorship in a New(er) Lawyer’s Career

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The legal profession has changed so significantly in many ways over the last few decades, but some concepts are as...

A Glimpse Ahead

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This year I have been asked often what our profession will be like in the years ahead — in 2030...

Improving Career Opportunities for Florida’s Lawyers

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I recently spoke with a prominent “vintage” lawyer who described how his career developed the way it did. He said...

Exploring a Better Way for Small Claims Resolution in Florida

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Most of us during our career have received a request to help someone with a really small civil claim, say...

The Access to Justice “Tripod”

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Across the country, including here in Florida, access to justice continues to be a focus of state bars, legal academics,...

Remaining Vigilant to Preserve Our Unified Bar

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As of July 2021, membership in The Florida Bar reached nearly 110,000, with approximately 91,000 of those members eligible to...