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Improving Career Opportunities for Florida’s Lawyers

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I recently spoke with a prominent “vintage” lawyer who described how his career developed the way it did. He said...

Exploring a Better Way for Small Claims Resolution in Florida

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Most of us during our career have received a request to help someone with a really small civil claim, say...

The Access to Justice “Tripod”

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Across the country, including here in Florida, access to justice continues to be a focus of state bars, legal academics,...

Remaining Vigilant to Preserve Our Unified Bar

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As of July 2021, membership in The Florida Bar reached nearly 110,000, with approximately 91,000 of those members eligible to...

Revisiting Professionalism Standards: There’s No Better Time Than the Present

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It can be easy for lawyers to describe what it means to practice with professionalism. Usually, we can simply describe...

Growing in Unexpected Ways

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There is a difference between change and growth. As lawyers, and in our personal lives, we undoubtedly faced a lot...

Our Extraordinary Pro Bono Lawyers: Following Their Lead in Difficult Times

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Earlier this year, I was honored to present The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Awards to recognize an extraordinary group...

Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment

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This past year has been filled with challenges — the entire world has been preoccupied with adjusting to the impact...

We Can See the Bright Side, and We Keep Lawyering On

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As we approach the end of the year, there is a lot to reflect on. As lawyers, we’ve been challenged...

A New Day, Many New Places

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I’m a people person. That’s a big part of why I got involved in Bar service. I enjoy greeting friends...