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Nuisance Trees: The Massachusetts or Hawaii Rule?

Solo and Small Firm
Attorneys approached by homeowners who own property adjacent to a nuisance tree homeowner will often decline legal representation for these...

Hanging on for Deer Life: How Chronic Wasting Disease Might Impact Florida and How Florida Law is Trying to Prevent its Spread into the State

Solo and Small Firm
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an infectious, degenerative disease that affects the Cervidae or cervid family, which includes elk, deer,...

Application of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Statute to Homeowner Disputes Regarding Violation of Restrictive Covenants

Solo and Small Firm
Most homeowner and condominium associations have restrictive covenants governing the aesthetic appearance of units within each respective association. Often these...

Flyover: The Potential Impact of Agroterrorism and Bioterrorism within Agricultural Aerial Application Operations

Solo and Small Firm
Notions of agroterrorism and bioterrorism as methods of control to deplete infrastructure have been present since the beginning of known...

Crash Test: Highway Medians, Auto Collisions, and Sovereign Immunity

Solo and Small Firm
Hitting a tree located in the highway median risks serious injury or death. However, Florida drivers may recover damages resulting...

Beast of (Shifting) Burden: What Constitutes Undue Burden Sufficient to Shift ESI Production Costs Under Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.280?

Solo and Small Firm
While most companies (and people) store the majority of their information electronically, discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) has lagged...

Garnishing a Lawyer’s Trust Account: Actions to be Taken by Lawyer Garnishee

Solo and Small Firm
In 2008, the Florida Supreme Court authorized the garnishment of a lawyer’s trust account pursuant to Arnold, Matheny and Eagan,...

Improving Appellate Oral Arguments Through Tentative Opinions and Focus Orders

Solo and Small Firm
One of the primary effects of oral argument is to give false hope to the losing party. You’re not likely...

A Grave Situation: Protecting the Deceased and Their Final Resting Places from Destruction

Solo and Small Firm
Eternal resting places are under threat and the dead are finding that eternity is not forever after all. History is...

Florida Agriculture: Still in the Crosshairs

Solo and Small Firm
A November 1995 Florida Bar Journal article, “Florida Agriculture: In the Crosshairs,”1 stressed the need of conveying the importance of...