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Solo and Small Firm
If, as Sebastian Stark of TV’s “Shark” says, “Trial is war; second place is dead,” then a lawyer’s weapons need...

Rethinking the Application of Contingency Risk Multipliers in Fee Awards Should Florida Courts Recede from Quanstrom?

Solo and Small Firm
In two recent opinions, Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal affirmed trial court orders that increased attorney’s fees from the...

9/11 and Agricultural Security

Solo and Small Firm
The events of September 11 accelerated congressional focus on the necessity of counterterrorism efforts and strengthening of critical infrastructure to...

Supervising Your Lawyers and Staff: Avoiding Serious Ramifications

Solo and Small Firm
For many lawyers, a good staff is the most critical component of producing excellent legal services. After all, a well-trained,...

Arbitration and Attorneys’ Fees: A Pandora’s Box

Solo and Small Firm
Arbitration, a privatization of civil justice, is a process without the right to a jury trial, and is free of...

How to Guarantee Enforcement of a Guaranty Agreement

Solo and Small Firm
A frequent area of dispute that arises after the default of a debtor is the liability of a guarantor on...

Moransais v. Heathman and Its Aftermath

Solo and Small Firm
The monumental decision of Moransais v. Heathman, 744 So. 2d 973 (Fla. 1999), decided on July 1, 1999, has come...

Subcontractors/Suppliers Beware: Form Over Substance

Solo and Small Firm
The recent trend of at least some Florida courts to prefer form over substance should send bells of alarm through...

1998 Changes to Public Works Bonds and Construction Lien Law

Solo and Small Firm
Changes to the Florida Construction Lien Law seem to follow each legislative session like the evening follows the day; 1998...

Arbitration and Attorneys’ Fees Issues: An Attorney’s and Arbitrator’s Viewpoint

Solo and Small Firm
Increasingly, our judicial system is being used to untangle the problems of society. For an aggrieved party the idea of...