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QDRO Math: Advice to Plan Administrators in Florida

Protecting retirement fund assets for public policy purposes has been deeply rooted in our nation’s history for as long as...

Reflections on a Vetoed Bill

On June 24, Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed Senate Bill 1382, preventing the Department of Revenue from moving forward with sweeping...

Expatriation from the United States: The Inheritance Tax Under I.R.C. §2801

In addition to the Exit Tax, the Heart Act added a new federal transfer tax, which imposes an “Inheritance Tax”...

Preparer Penalties: The Thin Line Between Tax Advisor and Return Preparer

The IRS has issued over 1.8 million preparer tax identification numbers (PTINs) since September 2010. Of these, nearly 700,000 remain...

Navigating I.R.C. §2036 Tax Planning with Florida Law

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For many years, a common estate planning technique has been to create a partnership or limited liability company (LLC) to...

Tax Penalties After VMOB: What to Know and How to Fight Back

A 2020 decision from the Second District Court of Appeal drastically changed how tax penalties work in Florida. The case,...

Corporate Transparency Act to Have Major Impact on Clients and Attorneys

On January 1, 2021, Congress passed (over veto) the National Defense Authorization Act of 2021 (NDAA),[1] including the Corporate Transparency...

Funding the Estate Tax: Defusing the Liquidity Time Bomb

Any attempt to discuss the plethora of estate tax reform proposals pending in Congress at a given point in time...

The Taxation of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have grown in popularity and ubiquity in the past few years. Just within the last year...

Changes in the U.S. International Tax System Proposed by the Biden Administration

Under the pre-TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) U.S. international tax system, the U.S. implemented a worldwide tax system that...