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International E-Discovery: How The 11th Circuit’s Interpretation of Possession, Custody, or Control May Impact Multinational Corporations

January/February 2019 Effie D. Silva, Sonia Zeledon, and Justin M. L. Stern Trial Lawyers
In decoding the bounds of e-discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, courts around the country have employed a…

Be Alert for Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

November 2017 Guy M. Burns, Scott C. Ilgenfritz, and Jonathan S. Coleman Elder Law
Since the end of World War II, the greatest accumulation of wealth in the history of the world has been…

Bank Customers Beware: Recovery of Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers Isn’t So Easy

April 2017 Michael G. Tanner and JoAnne Eichelberger Trial Lawyers
It could happen today. You’re sitting at your desk, and the phone rings. On the line you hear the voice…

The 120-Day Rule: What You Need to Know

June 1999 Gerald D. Schackow Trial Lawyers
Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.070 (j) states that a complaint must be served upon the defendant within 120 days after…

Distinguishing Quantum Meruit and Unjust Enrichment in the Construction Setting

March 1997 H. Hugh McConnell Trial Lawyers
It is not uncommon in construction litigation for practitioners to confuse the theories of recovery commonly known as “quantum meruit”…