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Online Legal Service Platforms and the Path to Access to Justice

Young Lawyers Division
As Bob Dylan so eloquently says, “The times they are a-changin’. ” When I was born in 1979, there were...

Be Tweet Life and Death: Utilizing Social Media While Avoiding Legal Malpractice

Young Lawyers Division
In the last 15 years, advanced technology has enabled people to interact and share information in ways that were previously...

The Door to a Virtual Law Practice Is Always Open: And the Proper Use of Technology Can Keep It That Way

Young Lawyers Division
In the early 1800s, textile artisans protested against the proliferation of new technology — specifically, mechanized looms.1 Despite their protests,...

E-filing from the Local Coffee Shop: A Practical Look into Confidentiality, Technology, and the Practice of Law

Young Lawyers Division
With the development and increased use of e-mail, e-filing, e-service, and e-discovery, technology has become an important part of any...

Loyalty to the Process: Advocacy and Ethics in the Age of E-discovery

Young Lawyers Division
In this digital age, approximately 98 percent of all information is created, stored, and modified electronically.2 Yet parties discuss the...

Flying in the Clouds: Practicing Law by Cloud Computing

Young Lawyers Division
The issue of this article is this: What can a law office do to reduce the risks of improper access...