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Member Benefits: Internet Marketing

360 BizVue

Tired of hearing the same old song and dance about SEO?

“We can get you to the first page of Google” is the most common claim in digital marketing. But when it comes to qualified leads for law firms, SEO only scratches the surface.

360 BizVue helps you do so much more.

360 BizVue is a business strategy consultancy that offers true differentiation to Florida law firms using some of the best AI-driven digital market intelligence tools in the world.

Our digital market intelligence uncovers unmet client needs by exploring millions of relevant search queries alongside our unique database of recent business transactions.

By continuously comparing your market strengths with competitors’ weaknesses, we empower you to discover areas of frictionless growth where you can stand out.

360 BizVue pinpoints actionable opportunities to align your firm with client needs others may not recognize for months, quarters, or even years. Our technology delivers concise reports with clear recommendations — and our consultants work with you to implement them.

We have advised leaders at Fortune 100 multinationals, adding millions of dollars in annual revenue. Now, we are offering our expertise to law firms ready to distinguish their brands by tapping unmet client needs to fuel growth.

Would you like to learn more?

Visit our website and learn more about special pricing for The Florida Bar members.

.law domain name

Get the new .law domain.

Distinguished. Verified. Trusted. Introducing the .law domain name – an opportunity to strengthen and differentiate your legal brand online. Only qualified lawyers and law firms are eligible to secure this new domain. All registrations are verified by a third party, and only those approved can register a name.

Special offer for Florida Bar members: Get a $25 discount on a .law domain.

– Expand your online presence with real estate never before available.
– Register a domain name your law firm has always wanted.
– Secure your preferred domain name. Solos, AmLaw 200 firms and industry leaders have already registered their .law domain names.
– Convey your professional status. Join other qualified lawyers and law firms who have satisfied eligibility criteria.
– Enhance your brand with a descriptive and memorable domain name for your firm, e.g.,, etc.

Every lawyer will be verified.

Secure your .law domain today.


PaperStreet knows what works for busy law firms. Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, we understand and anticipate your needs and improve lawyers’ reputations one website at a time.

We specialize in law firm web design, content and Internet marketing. Firms come to us to build and market their websites because we impress and get results.

PaperStreet has been designing websites for more than 19 years. Our company has produced more than 1,700 custom website projects. We have won numerous awards, including a Webby nomination.

Your website is the most important marketing asset to your law firm. It should be a unique reflection of your company, not a cookie-cutter copy of your competitors. It should be fast, easy to update, impressive and reasonably priced. It should be yours with no strings attached: No mandatory subscriptions, no required services or recurring fees for “mystery maintenance” and no limits on the number of pages.

Finally, when law firm marketing matters, contact PaperStreet to help. We wrote the book on marketing and know how to get your firm the results you need.

PaperStreet offers a free website analysis for Florida Bar members. Visit our website or call us, 954-523-2181, to learn more about special pricing for The Florida Bar members. Ask about The Florida Bar member benefit discount.

Zola Media

Zola Media is a leading developer of high quality, comprehensive websites and digital marketing services for law firms. Zola was founded with the principle that no two firms are identical and no two websites should be either. Each site we develop has a unique design which is both elegant and sophisticated, and most importantly reflective of the practice it represents.

All Zola Media clients have access to an extensive, ​customizable ​​practice area ​​content library.

Zola’s content management system offers​ exclusive site tools, such as our Click to Call technology, Upcoming Events Feature and Consultation Request form, which engage visitors and encourage interaction with your firm. Zola Media is pleased to be a preferred member benefit of The Florida Bar and provide Florida Bar members with a 15% discount on website development services. Learn how to grow your practice with Zola Media.

Digital Age Marketing Group

Digital Age Marketing Group, Inc. is a full-service online marketing firm that has been in business since June 8th, 2008. Our office is located in Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media content marketing, video production for Law Firms, website creation, and directory sites for the legal industry under the USAttorneys brand.

We focus on driving more pay clients to law firms’ websites, leveraging social media and search engines to bring more filtered, targeted potential business to our clients. Converting online searchers into paying customers is our ultimate goal, and we excel at executing digital marketing campaigns that not only bring people to the law firms website, but converts them into paying customers.

Moreover, Digital Age Marketing Group / USAttorneys offer a guarantee in writing on our SEO services which works as such; we will guarantee in writing that the law firms’ website will appear on the first page of Google, either in the maps section or the organic section for a particular geographic location or the monthly fee is waived.

10% percent discounts on all rates. Florida Bar members receive a 10% discount on all services to lawyers and law firms that contact us through The Florida Bar Membership Benefits Program landing page.

Discounted services include:

1. Search Engine Optimization Services
2. Website Creation
3. Social Media Management
4. Video Creation and Optimization
5. Link Building Services

Visit The Florida Bar and USAttorneys co-branded landing page for additional information and to contact us for pricing.