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Member Benefits: Legal Research


Your Bar benefit, only better! Get unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world. The member benefit is unlimited — with no restrictions on time or number of transactions, unlimited printing, unlimited reference assistance and unlimited customer service included for free, as well as a newspaper archive, legal forms and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings. The member benefit provides for free access to Fastcase’s intuitive legal research tools, training webinars and tutorials, industry-leading mobile apps, and live customer support from members of the Fastcase team. Log in to the MyFloridaBar Members Portal and access this free benefit now!

Fastcase 7 User Resources

  • Fastcase 7 User Guide: This in-depth guide to all features and options in Fastcase 7 includes best practices for phrasing a search, guides to effective use of the new “Search Everything” feature, and instructions on how to connect with Fastcase 7 partners, HeinOnline and Clio.
  • Fastcase 7 Webinars

Upgrade to Nationwide Legal Research

Add comprehensive federal case law and all 50 state databases for $195 a year. Call 866-773-2782 or use Live Chat for more information.


Used by thousands of attorneys across the country, ROSS is a legal research service powered by artificial intelligence for U.S. law, designed to find the best law to support your strategy in seconds. Using ROSS, lawyers can finish their research in minutes and find laws that were virtually impossible to find before.

ROSS leverages an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence called Natural Language Understanding. Natural Language Understanding gathers the meaning of texts by analyzing how words are organized and used in other settings. It draws from the idea that one can characterize words by the company they keep. What this means is that a lawyer can type in their question, and in seconds, ROSS will read its entire database of U.S. laws and return a curated set of the most relevant passages.

Members of The Florida Bar receive a free 14 day trial  (no credit card entry required), and those who become customers following their trial will receive a 10% member discount with the promotional code FloridaBar, along with unlimited usage of the software. Up to date instructional videos and live chat support are available immediately upon signing up, and within 5 minutes a new user will be completely comfortable researching on ROSS. The best lawyers are already using ROSS. Our customers include the world’s largest law firms, mid-size boutiques and solo practitioners. Whatever the nature of their practice, our customers all tell us the same thing: ROSS delivers a competitive advantage by helping them exceed their client’s expectations.

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Easy Access to Court Records & Legal Analytics

Get 15% Off on All Plans.

UniCourt is a leader in making court records more accessible and useful. Florida attorneys can now access Florida, federal, and other state court records in one convenient portal.

Powerful Features for Florida Attorneys

Case Research: One interface to search federal (PACER) and state court records

Case Tracking: Automatically track cases with ease and receive alerts for new updates

Document Downloads: Download federal (PACER) and state court documents on-demand

Automated Searches: Schedule automatic searches to find new cases matching your search criteria

Legal Analytics: Litigation trends and analytics on attorneys, parties, judges, case types, and more

Legal Data APIs: Connect your applications and databases to real-time court data

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