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Member Benefits Program: Mental Health and Wellness

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Member Benefit: Mental Health and Wellness

eVideo Counselor

eVideo Counselor provides online face-to-face video counseling with licensed mental health therapists at a discounted price for Florida Bar members and their families. Recognizing the unique needs of legal professionals, eVideo Counselor allows lawyers to have counseling sessions in the convenience of their home or office, without the time and hassle of driving to a counselor’s office. Anonymity is maintained—no one is seen entering a counselor’s office. Sessions are discrete and completely confidential.

Traditional counseling sessions typically cost $150-$300 per one-hour session. Florida Bar Members and their families receive eVideo Counseling sessions for only $100 per session, a savings of $25 from the standard rate of $125.

A key factor for therapy success is high engagement between the client and counselor. eVideo Counselor uses the Sixth Sense Counselor Engagement Model™ to select outstanding licensed Masters level counselors and match them with clients. Most counselors have specialized training to meet specific needs. With no geographic constraints, a counselor can treat anyone anywhere in the state, creating a bond between clients and therapists that results in positive outcomes and less than a 10% no-show rate, compared to 25%-40% for traditional counseling.

eHome Counseling’s unique video counseling approach connects Masters level counselors with clients through an easy, secure video link. The HIPAA compliant platform with online scheduling allows connection by computer, tablet or phone, at work, home, school or while traveling. It is convenient, confidential and cost effective.

In addition, eVideo Counselor provides metrics to rapidly diagnose issues and track improvement. Through the Deep Mind Insight™ program, clients can receive an online assessment that quantitatively measures anxiety, depression, substance use disorder and other conditions. The client gets a written report that is discussed with their therapist at the first session. The assessment is then repeated periodically to show progress and final resolution. The usual cost of the Deep Mind Insight Program is $50, but Florida Bar members and families receive a 50% discount and pay only $25.

Visit the eHome Counseling / eVideo Counselor site today for more information or to be connected with an eVideo Counselor.