The Florida Bar

E-Discovery, Filing, Signature & Mail Encryption


Indexed I/O Electronic Discovery

As a pioneer in on-demand eDiscovery, Indexed I/O is focused on bringing users advanced technologies to improve the way eDiscovery is managed. From one file to millions of files, Indexed I/O fits every case size with ease, all while being cost-effective. Members receive discounted rates on this fast, effective, built from scratch product. Start your free trial today.


Smarter EDiscovery Software

Nextpoint is smart ediscovery software with ZERO data processing and hosting fees. Florida Bar members are eligible to receive a 10% annual discount on Nextpoint per-user pricing plans for single projects, or unlimited firm-wide access.

Bring maximum security and efficiency to your litigation workflows with Nextpoint’s comprehensive cloud-based software. Control electronic evidence across the litigation lifecycle, across devices, and across your organization.


  • No Data Charges — Unlimited data processing and hosting. Forget about data expansion and processing fees. Never worry about how long a project will last. Realize 100% cost predictability with Nextpoint.
  • Drag-&-Drop Upload — Our speedy drag-&-drop uploader makes it dead-simple for anyone to import and organize files in minutes.
  • Powerful Doc Review — Nextpoint’s core is a full-featured, easy-to-use document review workflow. Designed to simplify and automate the entire process, you can customize almost everything in real-time.
  • Free Electronic Productions — Say goodbye to downloads, DVDs, ftp sites, and shipping hardware. With Nextpoint, exchanging evidence is more secure, always free, and as easy as sending an email.
  • Deposition and Transcript Tools — Use your secure, cloud workspace to manage all your evidence – including depositions, video, and transcripts – and collaborate more effectively when your team is preparing your case for hearing or trial.

Over 400 law firms nationwide trust Nextpoint in critical matters of litigation. Nextpoint has user-based pricing plans for single projects or unlimited, firm-wide access that fit teams of all sizes. Try Nextpoint today and receive a 10% discount.



eFileMadeEasy is a one of a kind service that eFiles with the Florida E-Portal and eServes your service list with the required service by email. With a few mouse clicks your document is completely prepared, filed and served. No more back and forth between programs, selecting files, scanning documents multiple times, typing in email addresses, and the other time wasting steps required to eFile. Save time, reduce mistakes and do what you do best — practice law. Sign-up today at Sign up today.


RSign by RPost

RSign, a global eSignature platform, offers an intuitive, guided experience to help law firms digitize their workflows. Easy to use, RSign has several features for legal professionals — tracking, reporting, proof of delivery, digital forms, bulk eSign capabilities, integrations with other platforms, such as iManage, and a shareable templates library for automation. RSign offers immediate adoption for senders and signers, with no need for downloads or special software, and also works with the apps your teams already use across all devices.

With RSign, Florida Bar members can:

  • Complete transactions 100x faster than physical signatures
  • End the paper clutter and reduce their carbon footprint
  • Reduce legal spending, litigation risk, paper, postage, administrative time, and follow-up calls
  • Get peace of mind with data privacy compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, and more) and digital signature laws

Email Encryption

RMail by RPost

RMail, a global email encryption platform, empowers law firms with AI-infused security, e-compliance, and secure workplace acceleration tools. Easy to install (a simple plug-in), RMail offers several features for legal professionals — certified e-delivery of messages, email encryption, AI-infused Business Email Compromise (BEC) protection against impostor attacks, and content controls. RMail offers the best protection against costly human e-security errors and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, or any other platform used by legal professionals.

With RMail, Florida Bar members can:

  • Digitize important communications to accelerate legal processes or court case disputes and save postal mail and delivery costs
  • Protect their business against wire fraud and BEC (spear-phishing) attacks
  • Complies with HIPAA/GDPR and other privacy laws and regulations
  • Receive court-admissible proof of delivery and email opens, including original content and attachments