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Frequently Asked Questions About Basic Skills Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions about BSCR

1. What is BSCR?

BSCR, or Basic Skills Course Requirement, is a two phase requirement for new lawyers. Phase I is Practicing with Professionalism and Phase II is basic level Young Lawyers Division (YLD) courses. The BSCR phase I and II are a one-time only requirement.

2. What courses satisfy the requirement?

In order to satisfy the BSCR, one must complete Practicing with Professionalism online or in person at one of the locations provided by The Florida Bar. New Lawyers or members completing Phase II of the BSCR will be able to fulfill this requirement either by attending a live presentation or participating in the 24/7 online CLE version via our downloadable delivery system. Members will have the option of completing three single Basic programs (a single course of at least 7 one-hour segments) or by completing 21 individual segments, or any combination of the two.

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3. When do I need to complete the Basic Skills Course Requirement?

Practicing with Professionalism must be completed no sooner than 12 months prior to or no later than 12 months following admission to The Florida Bar.

The 21 hours of basic substantive CLE programs sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar must be completed by the end of the members’ initial continuing legal education requirement reporting cycle.

4. Where may I find information on BSCR?

Rule 6-12 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar sets out the requirement. All the rules and policies may be found on this page of the website.

5. Will I receive notice advising me that my reporting period is ending?

At least three months prior to the end of your reporting cycle, you will receive an email notifying you of your reporting requirements and the impending due date.

6. What happens if I do not complete the requirement before the end of the reporting period?

You run the risk of being deemed a delinquent member which prohibits you from engaging in the practice of Florida law.

7. How do I post the credits received from attendance at the BSCR courses?

Credit received at the live Practicing with Professionalism course will be posted by The Florida Bar’s registration department.

For the online BSCR courses, both the PWP and YLD, members must keep track of the codes embedded within each program in order to receive a certificate of completion. Once the certificate of completion is received, members must post their credits to their member profiles, using the course reference number.

Please note: Online courses are not posted automatically.
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8. Are there any extensions offered for the BSCR?

No, there are no extensions offered for the BSCR phase I or II. It is the responsibility of the member to complete these courses prior to the due date, to avoid being deemed delinquent.

9. Can I get an exemption from the Basic Skills Course Requirement?

There are no exemptions from taking Practicing with Professionalism, but there are exemptions for the three YLD courses. To receive an exemption, you must complete one of the BSCR Exemption Forms.

The completed application may be submitted via email at [email protected] or fax at 850/561-9421.

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10. May I defer compliance with the BSCR?

Yes. Members may defer their compliance with the BSCR. Below is a link to the available deferments.

The completed application may be submitted via email at [email protected] or fax at 850/561-9421.

· BSCR Forms and Petitions

Please note: If Undue Hardship is cited as basis for deferral, the member must establish and report special circumstances which constitute a hardship. A hardship is defined as a medical condition or other circumstances which prevent completion of BSCR. Unwillingness to travel to alternate locations will not constitute as a hardship.

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