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Online Course Accreditation Application Frequently Asked Questions

QCan I submit multiple course approval requests at one time?
A. No. Each application must be submitted separately. To submit multiple courses for accreditation, complete the application process for each course.

QCan I submit multiple applications then pay for them at one time?
A. No. Payment is required during the application process. Applications must be made for each course individually and are only completed when payment is made at the time of each application.

QCan I submit my application then pay later?
A. No. Online applications can only be completed when payment is made at the time of application.

QHow do I enter minutes of instruction?
A. General minutes include all minutes of instruction (i.e., ethics, bias elimination, professionalism, etc.). The total minutes must match the general minutes. Each item must have a number 0-999.

Q. Can I combine the Course Description, Detailed Timed Agenda, and Speaker Bios into a single document?
A. Yes. However, a file must be uploaded for each item (detailed timed agenda, course description and speaker bio). The online application requires each item to be uploaded separately.

QCan I view the progress of my application?
A. Yes. Application progress and the details you entered for each application can be viewed in the portal. Log in to your account, go to My Account, then click Course Accreditation Applications.

QHow will I get my certificate of accreditation for approved courses?
A. Certificates will be emailed to you. They are not available on the portal.

QCan I edit my application after it has been submitted?
A. Any changes after application submission must be emailed to Course Approval Staff. Changes may incur additional charges or delay processing your application.

QCan I start my online application and finish it later?
A. No. The application is designed to be completed in a single session. An application record is not saved until the process is completed and payment is made.

QWhat happens if I abandon my online application before completing payment?
A. If you cannot complete the application and payment process, an application record will not be created. Depending on how far you got before stopping, items may have already been added to your cart. Remove any items left in your cart by clicking the cart icon at the top right. Simply remove the items and update your cart before beginning a new application.

QCan I view the progress of applications submitted on paper in the portal?
A. No; the portal only provides status for online applications.