The Florida Bar

Continuing Legal Education Requirement Exemption Request

This form is for those who qualify for a CLER exemption pursuant to Rule 6-10.3(c)(2), which includes active military service; undue hardship; or residing outside the state of Florida and not delivering legal services or advice on matters or issues governed by Florida law while a nonresident.

Members who fall under the automatic exemption – Rule 6-10.3(c)(1) – which includes members of the full-time federal judiciary who are prohibited from engaging in the private practice of law; justices of the Supreme Court of Florida; judges of the district courts of appeal, circuit courts, and county courts; and other judicial officers and employees as designated by the Supreme Court of Florida; and inactive Florida Bar members should email Membership Records to have that exemption applied/make sure it was applied.

Effective December 1, 2023, BLSE Policy 6.02(f) states that exemptions will remain in effect no more than one reporting cycle. A Florida Bar member must complete and report 10 hours of continuing legal education courses before requesting an additional exemption.