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Florida Bar Legislative Activity

Florida CapitolHere you’ll find The Florida Bar’s legislative positions, information about Bar advocacy and other information related to  in the legislative process. For continuing coverage of matters following legislative session, check the weekly legislative session updates, The Florida Bar News and Legislation of Interest to the Legal Profession. Visit our Board Legislation Committee.

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Legislation of Interest to the Legal Profession
Governmental Relations Office – Links and Resources
Contact a State Legislator
What The Florida Bar is Advocating
How The Florida Bar May Advocate Issues
Key Contact Program
Legislative Links

Legislation of Interest to the Legal Profession

The Governmental Relations staff reviews all proposed legislation and attempts to identify every Bar committee, section or division that may be interested in any bill. Compilations of those bills are arranged by division, committee or section name and may be accessed on the Legislation of Interest to the Legal Profession webpage. The page also includes a separate compilation of all bills filed during the current legislative session.

Governmental Relations Office – Links and Resources

Any committee or section of The Florida Bar that is interested in advocating a position related to any bill or other legislative issue must first comply with official Bar policies governing such advocacy.

Legislative bill text and analysis can also be viewed via Online Sunshine — the Florida Legislature’s official website. You can use either the House of Representatives or the Senate link to look up bill information.

If more in-depth bill tracking is desired, one can simply create Legislative tracking accounts on both the House (Florida House of Representatives – Legislative Tracking Login Page), and Senate (Senate Tracker Login – The Florida Senate), websites. Once an account is established, these tracking systems can be personalized to follow specific issues of importance and can be set up to receive automatic email alerts when the status of those items changes.

The legislative process is ever changing. The Bar’s and the Florida Legislature’s websites should be consulted regularly for developments in a bill’s progress. Continuing updates to The Florida Bar site may show new listings of bar groups that we think could be potentially interested in a particular bill.

If you need any help, please email Joni Hooks or call her at 800-342-8060 ext. 5662.


Although legislative sessions only last for 60 days, throughout the year there are committee meetings and other important dates including Organizational Session and bill filing deadlines.

2020-2022 Attorney Legislators

Contact a State Legislator

What The Florida Bar is Advocating

The Master List of Legislative Positions includes all Bar, section, division and committee positions for the 2020-2022 legislative biennium. All legislative positions within The Florida Bar expire at the conclusion of each legislative biennium.

Legislative positions of The Florida Bar and its committees are officially noticed in the Bar News edition immediately following approval by the Board of Governors. Under Rule 2-9.3(b)-(e) , Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, within 45 days of such notice, members may file a written objection to any of these positions which are funded by Bar membership fees. Objections are considered for a refund of that portion of mandatory fees applicable to any contested legislative position.

Section positions are advanced with the voluntary dues and separate resources of those groups — and in their name only.

How to Submit a Request

Voluntary bar groups that wish to take a position, whether new or rollover, must complete a Legislative or Political Activity Request Form. This Legislative or Political Activity Request Worksheet will help groups prepare and share information before submitting an official request. As shown on the worksheet, proposed legislative or political action must be circulated to all bar entities that may be interested in the issue. Voluntary bar groups may submit proposals to the Legislation Committee before receiving comments but only after providing proposals to interested entities. This Notice of Position Request to Interested Parties Form may be used to solicit input.

For the Bar and mandatory bar groups that wish to take a position, whether new or rollover, there is a different form and process. Email the General Counsel’s Office for information.

How The Florida Bar May Advocate Issues

Rules Regulating The Florida Bar Relating to Legislative Activities: The Florida Bar’s legislative activities are primarily influenced by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, as promulgated by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Chapter 1
Rule 1-1, Name
Rule 1-2, Purpose
Chapter 2
Bylaw 2-3.2 (d)(4)Powers
Bylaw 2-7.5, Legislative Action of Sections and Divisions
Bylaw 2-9.3, Legislative Policies

Case Law Relating to Legislative Activities: Legislative activity of The Florida Bar is additionally defined by a number of state and federal court opinions that have clarified the First Amendment rights of individual members in connection with political or ideological activities of their unified bar.

Standing Board Policy and Procedure: The Florida Bar’s legislative program is further shaped by its own operational guidelines, within the 900 Series of the Standing Policies of the Board of Governors.

Key Contact Program

The Florida Bar needs the assistance of lawyers and lay persons who are politically active and knowledgeable about the issues on its agenda; who are personally acquainted with lawmakers; and who would be willing to present the Bar’s views when requested. Volunteers are kept informed about the Bar’s political agenda and serve as local components of a statewide network that augments the Bar’s Tallahassee-based legislative resources.

Join the Key Contact Program

Legislative Links

The Florida Legislature’s Online Sunshine: This website provides access to bill summaries, bill text and legislative actions; House and Senate Committee schedules; registered lobbyists; the Florida Statutes and Constitution; and a list of legislators and their committee assignments.

Live and archived videos of the Florida House and Senate are available through each chamber’s website, as well as The Florida Channel.

The Secretary of State’s Home page: Among other facts, this site contains election information.

State Library and Archives of Florida – Laws of Florida: This website provides a listing of all new laws that were enacted in the previous session