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Legislation of Interest

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City, County & Local Government Law

NumberTitleSponsorLast Action
HB 0037Financial Disclosures for Local OfficersRoach03-15-2023
SB 0092Vacation RentalsGarcia01-04-2023
HB 0105Preemption of the Regulation of Vacation RentalsBasabe01-10-2023
HB 0119Visiting County and Municipal Detention FacilitiesBenjamin03-23-2023
SB 0120Homestead AssessmentsAvila02-16-2023
SB 0122Revised Limitation on Increases of Homestead Property Tax AssessmentsAvila02-15-2023
HB 0131Recall of County Officers and CommissionersRudman03-08-2023
SB 0170Local OrdinancesTrumbull03-09-2023
HB 0199Ethics Requirements for Officers and Employees of Special Tax DistrictsHunschofsky03-27-2023
HB 0209Recall of County CommissionersRudman03-08-2023
SB 0216Public Records/Current and Former County and City AttorneysBurgess03-08-2023
HB 0235Alternative Mobility Funding SystemsRobinson (W) Jr.03-21-2023
HB 0241Ethics for Public Officers and Employees of Special Tax DistrictsDaley02-27-2023
SB 0288Florida Main Street Program and Historic Preservation Tax CreditsDiCeglie03-15-2023
SB 0350Alternative Mobility Funding SystemsBrodeur02-09-2023
HB 0359Local Government Comprehensive PlansDuggan03-27-2023
HB 0361Municipal Water and Sewer Utility RatesRobinson (F)02-01-2023
HB 0413Financial Assistance for Rural Areas of OpportunityAbbott03-27-2023
HB 0469Revised Limitation on Increases of Homestead Property Tax AssessmentsFernandez-Barquin03-20-2023
HB 0471Homestead AssessmentsFernandez-Barquin03-20-2023
HB 0495Commission on Public Safety in Urban and Inner-City CommunitiesAntone02-01-2023
HB 0497Pub. Meetings/Commission on Public Safety in Urban and Inner-City CommunitiesAntone02-01-2023
HB 0499Florida Main Street Program and Historic Preservation Tax CreditsStark02-01-2023
HB 0525Pub. Rec./County and City AttorneysArrington03-13-2023
SB 0540Local Government Comprehensive PlansDiCeglie03-24-2023
SB 0570Building PermitsPowell02-16-2023
SB 0620Ethics Requirements for Officers and Employees of Special Tax DistrictsDiCeglie03-16-2023
SB 0626Broadband Internet Service ProvidersDiCeglie03-28-2023
HB 0653Municipal Annexation and ContractionCanady03-14-2023
SB 0682Residential Building PermitsDiCeglie02-16-2023
SB 0696Local OfficialsIngoglia03-24-2023
SB 0698Local Tax Referenda RequirementsIngoglia03-24-2023
SB 0714Vacation RentalsDiCeglie03-15-2023
SB 0718Municipal BoundariesYarborough03-24-2023
HB 0727Food Insecure AreasRayner-Goolsby02-21-2023
HB 0729Local Officials' Employment ContractsHolcomb02-21-2023
HB 0731Local Tax Referenda RequirementsTemple03-28-2023
SB 0740Statewide Blue Ribbon Task Force on County RealignmentBrodeur02-23-2023
HB 0765Building Permit Applications to Local GovernmentsRoth02-21-2023
SB 0774Ethics Requirements for Public OfficialsBrodeur03-27-2023
SB 0778Food Insecure AreasRouson02-23-2023
HB 0833Vacation RentalsDuggan03-24-2023
SB 0882Local Government Infrastructure SurtaxBrodeur02-23-2023
HB 0885Authorized Use of Discretionary Sales SurtaxesPlasencia02-28-2023
SB 1066Recall of County Officers and CommissionersCollins03-22-2023
HB 1209Department of Economic OpportunityShoaf03-24-2023
HB 1331Municipal UtilitiesBusatta Cabrera03-23-2023
HB 1347County Officials and EmployeesTruenow03-09-2023
HB 1373County Constitutional OfficersFernandez-Barquin03-27-2023
SB 1380Municipal Electric UtilitiesMartin03-21-2023
SB 1400County Constitutional OfficesMartin03-09-2023
SB 1482Rural DevelopmentSimon03-21-2023
SB 1490County Constitutional OfficersGarcia (I)03-09-2023
SB 1510Visiting County and Municipal Detention FacilitiesPizzo03-27-2023
HB 1515Local OrdinancesBrackett03-23-2023
SB 1588Law Enforcement OperationsBurgess03-28-2023
HB 1595Sheriff's Jurisdiction and PowersYarkosky03-27-2023
SB 1628Financial Assistance for Rural Areas of OpportunitySimon03-09-2023
SB 1664Economic DevelopmentHooper03-28-2023
SB 1712Municipal Water and Sewer Utility RatesJones03-09-2023


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