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Legislation of Interest

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Criminal Law

NumberTitleSponsorLast Action
HB 0025Citizen's ArrestBenjamin12-23-2022
HB 0043Compensation for Wrongfully Incarcerated PersonsKoster02-21-2023
SB 0048Court-related Payment PlansWright12-15-2022
HB 0059Human Trafficking and ProstitutionSkidmore01-10-2023
HB 0065Withholding Funds from the Return of Cash BondsAndrade02-15-2023
HB 0067Protection of Specified PersonnelGottlieb03-24-2023
HB 0069Crime Victim CompensationGottlieb01-10-2023
HB 0071Violent Offenses Committed Against Criminal Defense AttorneysManey03-24-2023
HB 0093Liability for Renting to Persons with Criminal RecordsBracy Davis01-10-2023
HB 0095Rights of Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional OfficersDuggan03-24-2023
HB 0097Domestic ViolenceCassel03-23-2023
SB 0098Victims of Crimes of Sexual Violence or Sexual ExploitationBerman01-04-2023
HB 0115Criminal RehabilitationHart01-10-2023
HB 0119Visiting County and Municipal Detention FacilitiesBenjamin03-23-2023
HB 0123Sexual Battery on Mentally Incapacitated PersonsCassel03-24-2023
SB 0130Domestic ViolenceBerman03-24-2023
SB 0132Crime Victim CompensationPolsky01-19-2023
SB 0134Deposing Victims of Certain OffensesOsgood01-11-2023
SB 0166Human TraffickingBerman01-19-2023
HB 0171First-time Offender Plea Deal Pilot ProgramGarcia01-17-2023
SB 0174Obscene or Harassing Telephone CallsPolsky01-19-2023
HB 0185Catalytic ConvertersHawkins03-24-2023
HB 0191Financial Aid for Female Victims of Rape, Incest, Domestic Violence, or Human TraffickingLopez (J)01-25-2023
HB 0197Penalties for Refusal to Submit to Breath-alcohol TestKoster03-21-2023
HB 0201Criminal Defendants Adjudicated Incompetent to ProceedManey03-22-2023
SB 0206Criminal RehabilitationRouson01-26-2023
HB 0211Sentencing of Prison Releasee ReoffendersDaniels01-25-2023
SB 0214Sales of Firearms and AmmunitionBurgess03-24-2023
HB 0215Possession or Use of a Firearm in a Sensitive LocationRayner-Goolsby01-25-2023
SB 0216Public Records/Current and Former County and City AttorneysBurgess03-08-2023
HB 0221Sales of Firearms and AmmunitionSnyder03-22-2023
SB 0236Civil RemediesHutson03-22-2023
HB 0245Offenses Committed Against Religious Service ParticipantsLopez (V)02-02-2023
HB 0249Level 2 Background ScreeningsTrabulsy03-09-2023
HB 0269Public NuisancesCaruso03-24-2023
HB 0273 Pub. Rec./Photographs, Recordings, and Reports of Autopsies of Minor VictimsClemons, Sr.03-24-2023
SB 0276Crimes Evidencing PrejudiceBerman01-26-2023
SB 0280Controlled SubstancesBrodeur03-24-2023
SB 0282Liability for Renting to Persons with Criminal RecordsOsgood01-26-2023
SB 0296Lawful Breath Test for AlcoholDiCeglie02-16-2023
SB 0306Catalytic ConvertersBoyd03-24-2023
SB 0318Conditions of Pretrial ReleasePolsky02-09-2023
SB 0326Human TraffickingOsgood02-09-2023
SB 0328Gay and Transgender Panic Legal DefensesBook02-09-2023
HB 0329Electronic Monitoring of Persons Charged with or Convicted of Offenses Involving Schools or StudentsMaggard03-24-2023
SB 0330Crimes Evidencing PrejudiceOsgood02-09-2023
SB 0332Public Records/Hate Crimes Reporting ActOsgood02-09-2023
SB 0338Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking/Department of Legal AffairsOsgood02-09-2023
SB 0340Trust Fund for Victims of Human TraffickingOsgood02-09-2023
HB 0353Conditions of Pretrial releaseSkidmore02-01-2023
HB 0355Trafficking in FentanylYeager03-24-2023
HB 0365Controlled SubstancesPlakon03-24-2023
SB 0368Machine GunsOsgood02-09-2023
HB 0369Offenses Committed on Assistant State AttorneysFabricio03-24-2023
HB 0375Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel Membership in the Senior Management Service ClassBrannan III03-23-2023
SB 0376Automatic Sealing of Criminal History RecordsBurgess02-09-2023
SB 0382Compensation for Wrongfully Incarcerated PersonsBradley03-23-2023
SB 0384Violent Offenses Committed Against Criminal Defense AttorneysBradley03-24-2023
HB 0393Gay and Transgender Panic Legal DefensesHarris02-01-2023
SB 0404Public Records/Autopsy Reports of Minors Whose Deaths were Related to Acts of Domestic ViolencePerry03-24-2023
SB 0414Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel Membership in the Senior Management Service ClassBradley03-22-2023
HB 0431Solicitation of Minors to Commit Lewd or Lascivious ActsBaker03-24-2023
HB 0433False PersonationFranklin II02-01-2023
SB 0448Operating Vehicles and Vessels Under the InfluenceBerman02-09-2023
SB 0462Assault Weapons and Large-capacity MagazinesBerman02-09-2023
SB 0486Solicitation of Minors to Commit Lewd or Lascivious ActsBradley03-24-2023
SB 0488Appointment of Attorneys for Dependent Children with Certain Special NeedsBradley02-09-2023
HB 0489Professional Licensing Requirements for Barbers and CosmetologistsChambliss03-17-2023
HB 0501Restoration of Voting Rights Information on Sentencing ScoresheetsGantt02-01-2023
SB 0504Expunction of Criminal History RecordsRodriguez03-22-2023
SB 0510Duty of Candor to Alleged VictimsBurgess02-16-2023
HB 0525Pub. Rec./County and City AttorneysArrington03-13-2023
HB 0549Operating Vehicles and Vessels Under the InfluenceCasello02-07-2023
SB 0568Assault or Battery on Hospital PersonnelRodriguez03-24-2023
HB 0579Assault Weapons and Large-capacity MagazinesEskamani02-07-2023
SB 0582Withholding Funds from the Return of Cash BondsGrall02-16-2023
HB 0593Automatic Sealing of Criminal History RecordsRoach03-10-2023
HB 0605Expunction of Criminal History RecordsSmith03-14-2023
SB 0618Rights of Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional OfficersYarborough03-22-2023
HB 0647Trust Funds/Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking/DLARobinson (F)02-14-2023
HB 0649Trust Fund for Victims of Human TraffickingRobinson (F)02-14-2023
HB 0651Human TraffickingRobinson (F)02-14-2023
SB 0656Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Ammunition, or Electric Weapons or DevicesBurgess03-24-2023
HB 0667Duty of Candor to Alleged VictimsBaker02-14-2023
SB 0676Background ScreeningsGrall03-14-2023
SB 0730Pregnant Women in CustodyJones02-23-2023
HB 0753Sentencing for Trafficking ViolationsStark02-21-2023
SB 0776SentencingRouson02-23-2023
HB 0777Regional Counsel Representation for Child Welfare MattersBracy Davis02-21-2023
HB 0779Pregnant Women in CustodyHart02-21-2023
SB 0802Restorative JusticeOsgood02-23-2023
HB 0825Assault or Battery on Hospital PersonnelBerfield03-24-2023
SB 0828Grand JuriesPolsky02-23-2023
HB 0837Civil RemediesGregory03-24-2023
SB 0840Prosecuting Children as AdultsPowell02-23-2023
HB 0841Pub. Rec./Human Trafficking Victim ExpunctionHawkins03-22-2023
HB 0851Disclosure of Grand Jury TestimonyGossett-Seidman02-21-2023
SB 0852Victims of Sexual Violence or Sexual ExploitationBerman02-23-2023
HB 0855Restorative JusticeHinson02-21-2023
HB 0873Victims of Sexual Violence or Sexual ExploitationBartleman02-28-2023
HB 0883Machine GunsCampbell02-28-2023
SB 0890Custodial Interrogations of MinorsStewart02-23-2023
SB 0906Regional Counsel Representation for Child Welfare MattersPowell02-28-2023
HB 0927Rights of Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional OfficersAlvarez02-28-2023
HB 0929Correctional FacilitiesLopez (V)03-24-2023
SB 1022Sexual Battery on Mentally Incapacitated PersonsStewart02-28-2023
SB 1028Professional Licensing Requirements for Barbers and CosmetologistsStewart03-22-2023
HB 1037Depositions of Witnesses in Criminal ProceedingsYarkosky02-28-2023
HB 1081Contraband ForfeitureBenjamin03-23-2023
SB 1124Employment of Ex-offendersCalatayud03-24-2023
SB 1126Impeding, Provoking, or Harassing First RespondersAvila03-22-2023
HB 1165Premises Liability for Criminal Acts of Third PartiesDuggan03-06-2023
SB 1194False PersonationSimon03-02-2023
SB 1208Depositions of Witnesses in Criminal ProceedingsBurgess03-22-2023
SB 1210Public Records/Human Trafficking VictimsBurgess03-22-2023
HB 1235Restoration of Voting RightsRobinson (F)03-06-2023
HB 1253Victims of Criminal OffensesBartleman03-06-2023
HB 1263Criminal SentencingAmesty03-23-2023
SB 1270Victims of Criminal OffensesBook03-06-2023
HB 1273Juvenile JusticeBracy Davis03-06-2023
SB 1274Premises Liability for Criminal Acts by Third PartiesBurton03-06-2023
SB 1284Criminal Defendants Adjudicated Incompetent to ProceedSimon03-22-2023
SB 1296Restoration of Voting RightsThompson03-06-2023
SB 1330Costs of Prosecution and InvestigationMartin03-06-2023
SB 1334Battery by StrangulationMartin03-22-2023
HB 1375Battery by StrangulationBaker03-24-2023
SB 1428Public Records/Human Trafficking Victim ExpunctionOsgood03-09-2023
HB 1433Sentencing CalculationsRayner-Goolsby03-09-2023
HB 1443Disqualification from Licensing, Permitting, or Certification Based on Criminal ConvictionWaldron03-09-2023
HB 1451Custodial Interrogation of MinorsWilliams03-09-2023
SB 1478Criminal SentencingSimon03-09-2023
SB 1534Pretrial Release and DetentionMartin03-22-2023
HB 1539Impeding, Provoking, or Harassing Law Enforcement OfficersRizo03-24-2023
SB 1540Elder Abuse and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Fatality Review TeamsGarcia (I)03-09-2023
SB 1542Public Records and Public Meetings/Elder Abuse or Vulnerable Adult Abuse Fatality Review TeamGarcia (I)03-09-2023
SB 1556Contraband ForfeiturePerry03-20-2023
HB 1567Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Fatality Review TeamsHawkins03-23-2023
HB 1569Pub. Rec. and Meetings/Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Fatality Review TeamsHawkins03-21-2023
HB 1617Unlawful ImmigrationMichael03-24-2023
HB 1627Pretrial Release and DetentionGarrison03-22-2023
SB 1644Sentencing CalculationsTorres, Jr.03-09-2023
SB 1718ImmigrationIngoglia03-17-2023
SB 7012OGSR/Victim of an Incident of Mass ViolenceCriminal Justice03-24-2023
HB 7031OGSR/Address of a Victim of an Incident of Mass ViolenceEthics, Elections & Open Government Subcommittee03-23-2023


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