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Legislation of Interest to the Legal Profession

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Criminal Law Bills

NumberTitleSponsorLast Action
HB 0011Impeding, Provoking, or Harassing Law Enforcement OfficersRizo09-17-2021
HB 0019Firearm Restrictions Pursuant to Court Findings or Risk Protection OrdersGottlieb09-17-2021
HB 0025Care for Retired Law Enforcement DogsKillebrew09-17-2021
HB 0039Prohibition of Slavery and Involuntary ServitudeHart09-17-2021
HB 0073Use or Threatened Use of ForceRayner09-17-2021
HB 0083Domestic ViolenceEskamani09-22-2021
HB 0087Criminal History in Professional Licensing ApplicationsChambliss11-23-2021
HB 0095Controlled Substance OffensesPlakon11-23-2021
HB 0097Withholding From the Return of Cash BondsAndrade09-22-2021
HB 0103Carrying of Firearms Without LicensesSabatini09-22-2021
HB 0107Unlicensed ContractingHarding10-20-2021
HB 0109Prohibiting Deception in Interrogations of MinorsMcCurdy09-22-2021
HB 0111Offenses Evidencing PrejudiceGeller09-22-2021
HB 0133Prohibiting Cooperation With a United States Capitol Police Office Located in this StateSabatini09-29-2021
HB 0139Service as a Law Enforcement OfficerFabricio11-23-2021
SB 0158Traveling Across County Lines with Intent to Commit a FelonyHarrell10-04-2021
HB 0161Victims of Reform School AbuseDavis09-29-2021
HB 0169Parole EligibilityHart09-29-2021
HB 0171Criminal RehabilitationHart09-29-2021
SB 0172Courtroom Animal AdvocatesPizzo09-21-2021
SB 0178Visiting County and Municipal Detention FacilitiesPizzo09-21-2021
HB 0179Photographic Enforcement of School Bus SafetyAltman10-06-2021
HB 0181Sales of AmmunitionDaley10-06-2021
HB 0183Pub. Rec./Sales of AmmunitionDaley10-06-2021
HB 0187Military Service Option for Certain Criminal OffendersWilliams10-06-2021
SB 0190Controlled SubstancesBrodeur11-22-2021
HB 0195Juvenile Diversion Program ExpunctionSmith (D)10-06-2021
HB 0197Pub. Rec./Nonjudicial Arrest Record of a MinorSmith (D)10-06-2021
HB 0199Assault Weapons and Large-capacity MagazinesSmith (C)10-06-2021
SB 0204Sale and Delivery of FirearmsFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
HB 0205Gay and Transgender Panic Legal DefensesSmith (C)10-06-2021
SB 0206Inmate ConfinementFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
SB 0210Prohibited Recordkeeping Relating to Firearms or Firearm OwnersFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
HB 0211Youth Gender and Sexual IdentitySabatini10-06-2021
SB 0214Assault Weapons and Large-capacity MagazinesFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
SB 0216Correctional PrivatizationFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
SB 0218Defendants With a Traumatic Brain InjuryFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
SB 0220Safe Storage of Loaded FirearmsFarmer, Jr.09-21-2021
SB 0226Care for Retired Law Enforcement DogsPowell11-22-2021
HB 0227Courtroom Animal AdvocatesKillebrew10-27-2021
SB 0230Unlicensed ContractingBaxley10-20-2021
HB 0241Compensation for Eligible Victims of Wrongful IncarcerationKoster10-22-2021
HB 0257Elimination of Court-related Financial Obligations for JuvenilesDuran10-22-2021
SB 0258Racing Motor VehiclesBook10-13-2021
SB 0260Renaming the Criminal Punishment CodePizzo11-02-2021
SB 0266Service as a Law Enforcement OfficerDiaz10-13-2021
HB 0271Driving Under the InfluenceCasello10-22-2021
SB 0274Condominium Fraud Investigation Pilot ProgramRodriguez (A)10-13-2021
SB 0276SentencingRouson11-02-2021
HB 0279Payments to Prisoners Upon ReleaseWillhite10-22-2021
HB 0285Visiting County and Municipal Detention FacilitiesBenjamin10-22-2021
HB 0287Tampering with or Fabricating Physical EvidenceGarrison11-23-2021
SB 0294Public Records/Statewide Council on Human TraffickingGarcia11-22-2021
HB 0297Aggressive Careless DrivingAloupis, Jr.10-26-2021
HB 0305Correctional Facility Oversight and ProgrammingHart10-26-2021
SB 0308Crimes Evidencing PrejudiceBerman10-13-2021
SB 0310Court-related Payment PlansWright11-03-2021
HB 0311Conditions of Pretrial ReleaseHinson10-26-2021
SB 0314Offenses Committed by AliensHutson10-13-2021
HB 0327Compensation of Retired or Former Members of the Commission on Offender ReviewKillebrew11-05-2021
SB 0334Sale or Transfer of AmmunitionPolsky10-13-2021
HB 0339Family Law Court RecordingsSlosberg11-05-2021
HB 0341Sexual Offenses DefinitionsSlosberg11-05-2021
SB 0342Juvenile Diversion Program ExpunctionPerry11-22-2021
SB 0344Public Records/Nonjudicial Record of the Arrest of a MinorPerry11-22-2021
SB 0346Public Records/Buyer or Transferee of AmmunitionPolsky10-13-2021
HB 0347Sale, Transfer, or Storage of FirearmsRayner11-05-2021
HB 0351Offenses Against FirefightersDuggan11-05-2021
SB 0360Traveling Across County Lines to Commit a BurglaryHarrell11-22-2021
HB 0363Pregnant Women in CustodyHart11-05-2021
SB 0370Offenses Against FirefightersHooper11-02-2021
SB 0372Domestic ViolenceBerman10-13-2021
SB 0374Gay and Transgender Panic Legal DefensesBook10-13-2021
HB 0379Lewd or Lascivious MolestationChaney11-05-2021
HB 0381Breach of Bond CostsManey11-05-2021
HB 0383Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional CounselsManey11-23-2021
HB 0385Pub. Rec./Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel OfficesManey11-23-2021
SB 0386Abolishing the Death PenaltyFarmer, Jr.10-13-2021
HB 0387Probationary or Supervision Services for Misdemeanor OffendersManey11-23-2021
SB 0392Slavery and Involuntary ServitudePowell10-13-2021
HB 0397Court Fiscal AdministrationClemons11-05-2021
HB 0399Motor Vehicle and Vessel Law EnforcementRodriguez (Ant)11-05-2021
SB 0402FirearmsPolsky10-13-2021
HB 0407Prosecuting Children As AdultsTant11-05-2021
SB 0420Animal AbusePizzo10-13-2021
HB 0425Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Workers' Compensation for Law Enforcement, Correctional, and Correctional Probation OfficersFischer11-05-2021
SB 0428Elimination of Court-related Financial Obligations for JuvenilesBook10-21-2021
HB 0433State-operated Institutions Inmate Welfare Trust FundDrake11-10-2021
SB 0436Driving Under the InfluenceBerman10-21-2021
SB 0444Lewd or Lascivious MolestationPerry11-22-2021
SB 0450Criminal JusticeJones10-19-2021
SB 0454Florida Commission on Offender ReviewPerry11-22-2021
SB 0458Secure Storage of FirearmsTorres, Jr.10-21-2021
SB 0464Payments to Prisoners Upon ReleasePowell11-22-2021
SB 0470Revising Penalties for Nonviolent OffensesPowell10-21-2021
SB 0476Aggressive Careless DrivingPizzo10-21-2021
SB 0482Victims of Reform School AbuseRouson11-22-2021
HB 0485Treatment of InmatesHart11-10-2021
SB 0504Criminal ConvictionsPerry11-03-2021
HB 0521Human Trafficking and ProstitutionSkidmore11-19-2021
HB 0525Sexual Battery on a Mentally Incapacitated PersonSlosberg11-19-2021
SB 0526Compensation for Eligible Victims of Wrongful IncarcerationPerry11-03-2021
HB 0527Unfinished FirearmsHunschofsky11-19-2021
SB 0552Clerks of the Circuit CourtBoyd11-22-2021
HB 0553Misdemeanor Criminal History Record ExpunctionWilliams11-19-2021
SB 0558Court RecordingsBerman11-03-2021
SB 0560Recovery for Wrongful DeathRodriguez (A)11-03-2021
HB 0577Tenant SafetyBartleman11-12-2021
HB 0591Resentencing for Persons Serving Mandatory Minimum SentencesWilliams11-15-2021
SB 0596Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional CounselsBaxley11-03-2021
SB 0598Public Records/Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel OfficeBaxley11-03-2021
HB 0611Criminal SentencingSalzman11-15-2021
HB 0615Human TraffickingOverdorf11-16-2021
HB 0617Pub. Rec. and Meetings/Statewide Council on Human Trafficking Direct-support OrganizationOverdorf11-16-2021
SB 0630Pregnant Women in CustodyJones11-22-2021
SB 0632Occupational TherapyBradley11-22-2021
SB 0636State-Operated Institutions Inmate Welfare Trust FundPerry11-16-2021
SB 0654Protective InjunctionsCruz11-16-2021
SB 0660Sexual Offense Victim RightsCruz11-16-2021
SB 0662Lewd Adult BatteryCruz11-16-2021
SB 0664Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Workers’ Compensation for Law Enforcement, Correctional, and Correctional Probation OfficersBradley11-16-2021
SB 0668Custodial Interrogations of MinorsCruz11-16-2021
SB 0692Sexual Offenses DefinitionsStewart11-16-2021
SB 0702Photographic Enforcement of School Bus SafetyBurgess11-16-2021
SB 0722Education for Student InmatesPerry11-16-2021
SB 0746SentencingBrandes11-16-2021
SB 0752Probationary or Supervision Services for Misdemeanor OffendersGainer11-16-2021
SB 0756Public Records/Human Trafficking VictimsDiaz11-22-2021
SB 0760Human TraffickingBerman11-16-2021
SB 0762Eligibility for Assistance ProgramsRodriguez (A)11-16-2021
SB 0770Serious Mental Illness as Bar to Sentence of DeathBrandes11-16-2021
SB 0772Vulnerable Victims and WitnessesDiaz11-16-2021
SB 0776Availability of Marijuana for Adult UseBrandes11-16-2021
SB 0778Fees/Expunction of Certain Criminal History RecordsBrandes11-16-2021
SB 0782Public Meetings and Records/Conditional Medical Release ProgramPerry11-16-2021
SB 0784Inmate Conditional Medical ReleasePerry11-16-2021
SB 0796Tampering With or Fabricating Physical EvidenceBradley11-16-2021
SB 0802School SafetyGruters11-16-2021
SB 0822Bail Bond AgentsBaxley11-16-2021
SB 0828Critical InfrastructureHutson11-16-2021
SB 0868Sexual Battery on a Mentally Incapacitated PersonStewart11-16-2021
SB 0872Unfinished FirearmsPolsky11-08-2021
SB 0874ArrestsPizzo11-08-2021
SB 0878Sexual OffensesHarrell11-08-2021
SB 0888Use or Threatened Use of ForceJones11-09-2021
SB 0898Tenant SafetyStewart11-12-2021
SB 0916Searches of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic DevicesBrodeur11-15-2021
HB 6013Removing Firearm RegulationsSabatini09-17-2021
HB 6021Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug TraffickingEskamani09-22-2021
HB 6037Traveling Across County Lines to Commit a BurglarySnyder10-21-2021
HB 6039Recovery For Wrongful DeathHinson10-22-2021
HB 6041Urban High-Crime Area Job Tax Credit ProgramEskamani10-22-2021
HB 6061Death PenaltyGeller11-05-2021
HB 6079Eligibility for Temporary Cash AssistanceAloupis, Jr.11-10-2021